Best league

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I have played FIFA since Fifa15 and always ended up playing with BPL team that’s pretty generic. So this year thought I’d change it up and go Serie A, I’ve tried most of the good players but just can’t get a team I like.

What’s the best league to build a team in?! I’ve got about 350k

Oh yeah and I know getting good will help, I’m trying!


  • Lunty
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    I honestly believe Serie A is the best league this year, definitely at this stage of the game

    Mertens, Dybala, Hamsik, Naiggolan, IF Koulibaly, Alex Sandro, Chiellini, handanovic, CR7 and IF Cancelo are all insane
  • Pacey3_16
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    Ligue 1 (French) is possibly best value for money
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