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What are your early thoughts on Squad Battles?

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I'm finding it tougher this year, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The CPU can steal most of my passes and block a lot of my shots, but it should be a challenge and I'm okay with that.

That said a few issues I'm having:
1. CPU headed goals seem a bit ridiculous. I just played a match where 3 CPU headers from outside the box beat my keeper. I wouldn't mind this being toned down since there's very little you can do as a player on these sorts of goals

2. The refereeing. I've played 10 SB matches to date and I've been awarded 1 foul - when a CPU player ran into my keeper. EA need to turn on CPU fouls. I get wanting toned down fouls in online play, but 1 CPU foul in 10 offline matches is just stupid.

3. The side footed shooting issue. This isn't SB related, per se; and it's been discussed a lot in the forum so no need to write anything more here.

4. First touches in the CPU box. Every player I have when they get the ball inside the CPU box takes a heavy first touch. At this point it doesn't even seem stat related. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this one.

Overall I wouldn't say I hate it or like it right now, as far as offline play goes. I'll wait to see how it's changed after the first patch.


  • silverdale10
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    Played a game this afternoon and hit the post three times in the first 10 in game minutes, twice from point blank range, and this is on World Class not ultimate. Struggling to win games by more than 1-0, the amount of shots that get blocked is absolute insanity. Commentators are taking the pee, "that was pure instinct", "the post playing its' part".

    Need the rewards for the first few weeks but I very much doubt I'll be playing Squad Battles much beyond mid-October and will settle for Gold 1, it's pure frustration this year.
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    I am enjoying Squad Battles this year much more than last year even though it's tougher. I actually think that's a good thing and helps get a little bit more realistic in terms of preparing you for online play and helping your game progress.

    I'd agree that they still have some of the AI wonder goals which drives me nuts - I have had numerous non-rate gold bicycle kicks scored on me (some by bronze or silver even) along with some crazy plays but as long as you don't get tilted that works.

    Last year I played 80+ rated squads on Professional and 79 or below squads on Legendary and would lose 1 or 2 matches tops each week. The Professional games were almost always a 5-0, 5-1, 6-1 type score and the Legendary in most cases could end up anywhere from 5-0 down to 3-2 or 2-1 on the odd occasion.

    This year I am doing 80+ rated squads on Professional and scores are mainly in the 1-0 to 3-0 range with the occasional 5-0 when I am playing well. I am playing the 79 or lower teams on World Class right now as I am not comfortable enough for Legendary. So far on World Class for those games it's usually a 1-0 up to 3-0 score but I am losing 2-4 games a week where the AI just owns me. With this approach I am about 1500 points into Elite 1 as the last group started this morning.

    So far I think it's an improvement.
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