Opinions on James?

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Interested in others opinions on James Rodriguez.

I'm playing a Bundesliga squad with him at CAM in a 41212 wide formation along with Lewandowski and IF Werner. He seems to disappear for long stretches of the game and while Werner and Lewandowski are on a goal a game pace with about .5 assists per game, James has maybe 10 goals in 40 games and 10 more assists. I've got him set to Stay Forward, stick to position and Get into the box on crosses.

My best guess is that it's his M/M work rate coupled with me not normally using left footed players but interested to hear others thoughts. Thinking about going back to Muller there since that was who I used before James and he seemed more active.


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    GIving this one little bump since I posted in the middle of the night here to see if anyone has some insight.
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    Je is awesome as attacking cm in a 433
  • MarkusG
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    I'm using James as a CAM in a 4-2-3-1(2) formation and he's an assist machine! He chips in with a good few goals too so yeah I'd definitely recommend him. I think I have him on balanced.
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