There was an error retrieving your stats data”

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Please fix this EA, I haven't gained any skill points or has my players stats gone anywhere. 7 games a bunch of goals and absolutely nothing. I don't know maybe I can get those points given to me for all the time I've put into it. Please fix asap or there's no reason to play this game mode


  • lar9abl
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    You gotta play club games to get skill points, drop ins dont count. Max skill points you can earn is 110 or 120 i think by playing 100 club matches. If it still doesnt work then try deleting online pro 1 save, it will just reset your appearance stats wont change.
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  • DannyUK
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    I got the exact same message last night error retrieving stats or something along those lines after the game had ended so I don't think it saved the stats. I've given up on it until a serious patch is released, not happy with Fifa at all.
  • carolinabluejg
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    Still no points and still the same message, I know you can't get points with drop ins
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