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is it me or is the companion app very buggy?

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every few mins it boots me out


  • hayhor1
    15077 posts World Class
    Same issue here. Trying to do the bpm with it is annoying.
  • Retro_G
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    edited September 2018
    It's terrible, was trying to sell all my common golds last night to get enough coins up for Boateng, kept getting errors while trying to sell. It got on my nerves so much, that I couldn't be arsed, closed the app. Go to sell the common golds today, find out Boateng has risen by 20k.
  • Mathew1606
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    im trying clear my consumables and it takes long enough with out this crap
  • Kalhead
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    Yep same here - web app, companion app - all feels like crud. Making it hard to trade and clear out my bronzes that are selling
  • Nervous_Nick
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    It’s almost impossible to use after the update....laggy as hell and keep getting errors!!
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