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Banned from the Transfer Market! ( forever)?

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so iam a FUT Player since the very beginning in i think 2009. Yesterday after opening some packs and ofcourse not having a single bit of luck i put some of the players i got in the packs for sale. After some of them sold i noticed one of them, a low rated gold Player selling for more than i expected. So i searched for him and noticed he sold low but his BIN was higher and selling 100%. I had very few coins and bought 2-3. I made more coins and started buying as many as i could and then put him up for sale.

iam not great at the transfer market and dont know where and when in the week to buy low and sell high so when i had the chance to make some coins with this player i did.

I did this for about 2-3 hours while listening to music and some podcasts. So it was not boring etc. It was relaxing and i made coins. So i went from 5000 coins to 75000 in 3 hours and couldnt believe my luck. Suddenly the game says

that something something - "there was a higher bidder"

but there wasnt. I looked it up on google and to my surprise i think i got a transferban. After about 10-30 min i was able to trade again. That didnt last long and after about 5 transfers it happened again.

So i tested the mobile app and after 3 transfers it happened on the app too.

Fast forward about 6 hours ( i went to sleep shortly after that last night) and the app works today but the console transfermarket is still not working.

I cant even buy contract cards on console.

So 1.
2. Since when is it not allowed to make transfers on THE TRANSFERMARKET.
3. is this a permatransferban or 24 hours? I read there are 3h, 9h, 24h bans.

1 Day after Release and 9 years on Fut they ban me for making a couple coins to survive on this Fifa points infested world?

so how many transfers are to many is the question.


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    Just a 24h transferban, relax.

    When you are doing things like this spread it out over console, companion, webapp, and don’t bid/list too fast, take breaks. I manage to buy/sell 1000’s of players in hours this way.
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