Have EA made it harder to get players at high ratings?

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After playing the game for a few hours now I've noticed that EA have lowered the average player rating or at least made it harder to get ones at a really high level, for example I think 80 is quite a high rating now. It's an interesting move which I'm a fan of since in previous Fifa's it was quite easy to get a 90+ potential rating from the youth academy and to get them to that level in 1-2 seasons. If I am right does anyone else approve of this change?

On an unrelated note, just a slight complaint the with this years iteration is stamina focused training, you can't train it as much this year and that's a massive issue for me since I kinda have an obsession with that stat since I don't use players that have low levels in certain positions. Unless they've made youth academy players to have a decent level they're completely useless to me because I've seen a few already in the 40's and could take 2 seasons to possibly get that to 70 if you're lucky. Strength and speed training is a nice addition but you can't go backwards in other areas :/
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