Got to say Best FUT in years

Mr. Soper
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For all the hate threads. Just think people who like it should let it be known, so the game doesn't become FIFA 17.3


  • Satch85
    1052 posts Professional
    I’m having great fun, 18 made me miserable. It didn’t play like a football game should. I’m a very average player. Don’t understand the hate and problems people are having. Maybe it’s just an adjustment period
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
    11193 posts Has That Special Something
    Have to agree here as I haven't had as much fun playing FIFA in a good few years but of course it also has its problems they need to dumb down the AI then we really could be onto something here.
  • VladimirSochi
    585 posts An Exciting Prospect
    You can’t make everyone happy and this fifa has its flaws but I’m really enjoying it at the moment
  • Xaini29
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    i am having fun as well with fifa 18
  • OZero
    4977 posts Big Money Move
    I think it is a great improvement from 18, although some tiny issues should be ironed out before release.

    Please don't patch, at least don't release before thorough testing, EA.
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