20 posts Last Pick at the Park
25 shots 20 on goal, and i SCORE 1 GOAL! everything either gets blocked, off the cross bar, or players decided to take side footed shots with 0 power behind it. WTF IS THIS TRASH?!?!?!?!


  • Truthurts
    1775 posts Play-Off Hero
    it's the SAME every year
    people act surprised
    EA needs to completely reprogram FIFA move it from arcade code to simulated football code
  • Swagster123
    1732 posts Play-Off Hero
    game is worse then 18 omg
  • CharlieC
    7425 posts League Winner
    game is worse then 18 omg

    Keep playing, you’ll get used to it.
  • Brydobhoy
    460 posts An Exciting Prospect
    The finesse shots when you dont press them are killing me too mate every single game I miss atleast 2 easy chances because my player has went side foot.
    Also same every game come up against a poor player.
    More shots from dangerous areas
    More possession , better passing , hit the woodwork more than once . Dont win the match.
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