Unable to connect to the EASFC catelogue


I am unable to connect to the EASFC catelogue on my ps4 during the day but am able to connect during evenings. I live in Ontario Canada. I spoke to a game advisor on the phone regarding this issue and performed the following troubleshooting steps

1) reset modem (with a wired and wireless connection) and rebooted FIFA 15
2) deleted all files from my profile (except the online pro 1 and personal settings 1)

I was sent here to make a post by the game advisor so that a game specialist could take a look at my problem. All notes regarding the above are also present on my case file, please refer to that. I would like this issue sorted asap and would like appreciate a timely response on my problem.

I want to be able to connect to EASFC everytime i log in, it is affecting my pro clubs experience. Please help.

Thank you
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