Missing Kits/Errors in FIFA 19

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From what I've seen on the YoutTube videos several kits are missing/or wrong.

Missing Kits

Chelsea Third
Crystal Palace Yellow Third
Everton Third (already worn this season against Bournemouth)
Fullham Third Red Kit
Manchester City Third Kit
Wolves Third (they will need one as home/away clash with Newcastle)
Atletico Madrid Third Kit (EA always leaves out Atleti's third kits every year)
Barcelona Third Kit
Dortmund Brick Red Third

Kit Errors

Fulham's third kit in the game is the away strip from last season. It should be the all red one worn against Tottenham.

Manchester United Away Strip should have matching light pink shorts, not black as it is in the game.

West Ham Away Strip should be "Ice Blue" but it's almost Tottenham Navy in the game.


  • Also Panathinaikos from Rest of World. The game has last season's kit and not the current one.
  • Truthurts
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    when a company is making hundreds of millions this is unacceptable
    they are even missing 1 team from the CL
    red star

    shoddy and what makes it outrageously disgusting is they have the money so that this should NEVER happen
  • I had the same problem but it was resolved when I turned live form off and back on at the kick off menu where you select your teams, I have the missing kits now so perhaps that is the thing to do.
  • @KingShankly thank you for addressing this I hope EA will read this and sort this problem as soon as possible, we can't keep buying incomplete games and use our data to update each and every month if that is the case they must reduce the game price :'(:'(:'(
  • henryclay1844
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    Orebro's away kit is wrong. Istanbul Basakirs kit is wrong. One of the producers told me they won't fix kit errors this year. This game has really stopped caring. I'm fed up.
  • lchh
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    Dear EA, pls ensure all kits are duly updated such as the sponsor logo of some major and lower league ones, the jersey for ManUtd goalie which supposed to be in orange and blue instead of green and last but not least the home shorts for ManUtd should be white and not black. Tks
  • lchh
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    All these defects should be rectified in the coming November 2018 updates. Appreciate it.
  • So, we have the update now and some of the kits are still wrong. Clearly EA doesn't give a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ :(
  • Lankie
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    Also error on the back of Bayern Munich's Champion League kits... The player's name should be above the shirt number. But EA just copied the kits from their Bundesliga ones... Such unreal...DqRXit1WoAE_feh.jpg:large
  • Hamburger SV's blue third jersey is missing. Quite frustrating when playing against teams that have white/red kits.
  • Howler19
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    The Allsvenskan sleeve patches are wrong. In the game they are plastered on to a white square. That white square does exist IRL but it's a space for the league's betting sponsor. The league patch is located above the white square.
  • henryclay1844
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    The art department that they are working with is terrible. So many errors and they don't even bother to fix them. How can one of the biggest video games in the world be so poor with its details?
  • ShiroyashaFIFA
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    Missing most UCL Kits!
  • Hyrooney
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    Missing most UCL Kits!
    We want UCL KITS!!!! EA got the UEFA license , is it right? Please update more UCL UEL Kits..
  • ShiroyashaFIFA
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    Hyrooney wrote: »
    Missing most UCL Kits!
    We want UCL KITS!!!! EA got the UEFA license , is it right? Please update more UCL UEL Kits..

    Exactly, I'm banned for creating a topic about wrong UEFA competition kits
  • FdhL_27MuhD
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    Ea shoul fix psg jordan kit...because below number jordan kit hahttps://goo.gl/images/iRJ1qjs ligue one
  • when are they going to sort out this problem and update all the kits because crystal palace are missing the third kit thanks
  • Archie_Blagger
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    Sunderland play in black shorts, not red.
  • Connor5991
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    West brom green and yellow kit!
  • Hi Fifa team. As you do lots of special kits for special occasions, I believe today is a special occasion and you should make a kit for today with it being Rememberance Day! As a serving soldier and I've had friends who have fallen in combat, I would love to see one on FUT for everyone. You make them for other occasions so please keep up the good work for this one :) thank you! LEST WE FORGET.
  • Where's the rest of the teams third kits...more focus messing up the gameplay I guess
  • Aston Villa third kit, dark navy with the burgundy is messing
  • So there've now been a couple updates, but still, I don't see any kits added. Crystal Palace third is missing and Hamburg third is missing. Please add those soon.
  • Richie827
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    EA explain.
  • While we are at adding kits maybe EA can assign a jr intern to assign player commentary names to those missing in the game. I find this more infuriating than missing kits. I suspect that due to certain rights issues some kits can’t be added at launch however there is no reason that I can create a player, assign his last name as “Sessegnon” and Martin Tyler will call him that when he touches the ball BUT Ryan Sessegnon doesn’t even have his own last name assigned to him! Just crickets when he possesses the ball. Laziness.
  • ShiroyashaFIFA
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    Check out Tweet:

    I'm re-banned 😂 Congratulations EA Sports!

    Guys, the uniforms will never be added
  • Richie827
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  • mickjacobjr
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    Aston Villa 3rd Kit missing too
  • Sorry for bringing this one up, but ...

    FC Bayern announced a few weeks ago, that the Home Kit will just be red/white. The blue shorts are removed and replaced by red or white shorts. Will this come in an update to FIFA19?
  • I asked the week the game came out for Sevilla to be given the Black or Orange keeper kit they use mostly. 3 months later still stuck with the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yellow one.

    Also as a Palace supporter it would be nice to get our Yellow Third kit in game at some point please!!!
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