Getting rid of speed up lag?

HCx Rainbowz
382 posts Sunday League Hero
In my last 3 games, I've had horrible speed up lag, despite my internet connection being perfectly fine. I've tried restarting my router, but it had no effect. It's making online play literally impossible. Are there any known ways to fix it, or do I just have to wait until it passes?


  • selb
    6120 posts Big Money Move
    Hey Rainbow Dash, you using a wired or wireless connection? I always had this speed up lag when I was on a wireless connection
  • Krs93
    11 posts Ball Boy
    I fixed the problem with an Ethernet cable had this myself every game speed up lag until I moved from wireless
  • HCx Rainbowz
    382 posts Sunday League Hero
    I can't use a wired connection without drilling a hole through my floor, my router is downstairs and my console is upstairs.
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