Decided to quickly make a post showing that your club stats do not show up no matter what. Hopefully, this will be fixed with the first patch.



  • I have the same issue.
  • DannyUK
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    Stats are not showing on anyones profile as far as I know, can only hope they sort it asap.
  • We have the same issue, no stats in pro clubs. When fixed I wish they would have CUP stats as well.
  • Orikoru
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    Same thing. Stats in club are not recorded.
  • superspurs18
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    if you look at the menus to the right, there is no columns for appearances/goals etc like in previous years so it looks like this is just a choice to not show by EA!?

    if thats correct thats the worst decision ever
  • Epheles
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    I was hoping the patch would fix / add this back. Come on EA

    You can still see your individual team stats on proclubshead.com, they're still being recorded the same way just a really dumb design issue

  • GCO99
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    I thought this was a bug for me and reported it so on release day.

    Are you telling me that it's the same for everyone?

    No stats on squad pages atall for all teams?

    I really can't believe that considering the lack of users reporting it as a bug.
  • Hopefully they add it in a future patch, because I would love to see stats too.
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