CAM position rating is glitched

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In a 41212 wide/narrow & 4312. The CAM rating & positioning is broken. It's keep wanting me to play in defence as a LB which is decreasing my rating down to a 2.5 in 35mins because I'm playing in the correct position in behind my strikers. I score 3 goals & get 2 assists and will end up with a 7.5 when it should be a 9.5
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  • EA_Andy
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    Thanks! Will send this on for review
  • I've been having the same problem, with that exact formation as well, its annoying
  • Idan9777
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    so annoying! it happens to me all the time and my average rating is low because of this..
  • All formations that play a CAM behind the striker become broken if you want to control the CAM. It's the same in offline player career too. If I get close to the opposition penalty box, I instantly get a -2 for being out of position.
  • Orikoru
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    I can report the same. In fact it was my teammates rather than me, but they kept saying that when playing CAM it wants them to track right back into defence quite frequently which obviously isn't practical.
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    EA_Andy wrote: »
    Thanks! Will send this on for review

    ITS been over a week... when is this getting fixed.. this games an actual joke.
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