So who already has the game / has it pre-ordered despite saying they weren't going to get it?

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Maybe stolen from the reddit post.


  • frozenslash
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  • Otis
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    No one will admit to it this early on
  • Ulook92
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    Iv been playing the trail for about 20 hours. I know saying this will jynx me but i think iv gottwn the full game for free.
  • CraigB85
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    I'm the opposite! I've still not going any edition ordered even though I said I would be getting it
  • Choepiechakie
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    Still going strong
  • Hibee
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    I wasn’t going to get it but have it on pre order. Getting the old legends back swayed me.
  • hrv97
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    Still going strong

  • Blarix
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    No face no case
  • LFC Simon 98
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    No need for such a personal attack
  • princeapalia
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    I said I wasn’t going to get it, but I completely fell for the hype and preordered it with early access.

    Played 21 games so far, and I’ve cancelled my preorder + sold my coins.

    The game has taken a massive step forward with the pace nerf, but it’s taken steps back too. AI defending is still way too strong compared manual tackling, and the 50:50 collision engine is completely gamebreaking to me. Timed finishing nonsense is also ruining the game, as people are slowly working out what’s OP (timed finesse)


    I’ll probsbly re-buy the game back once the first big patch inevitably drops, but I think the issue for me is I just don’t find FIFA fun anymore. The gameplay has felt like a chore since about ‘15, and it gets me far too angry.

    I still feel like I have very little control over my team. The AI seems to decide the outcome of the game far too much, and being a hardcore skiller, the skills feel far too unresponsive sometimes.
  • DobbyDooDah
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    Me. I have. I’m happy to admit I’m giving it a chance.

    I’ve got it on PC with Origin Premier Account (£14.99 for the month gives you the Ultimate Edition). It runs really smooth and I’m not buying any Fifa points. What is different is I cba with getting in depth with it, I’ll just play when I fancy and buy players whenever I have the coins instead of constantly thinking about investing and I doubt I’ll play WL.

    Divisions Rivals is fun so far, I like the gameplay.
  • Xtrem3 Poptarts
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    Had no intention getting it at release, but my mate who I gameshare with got it. Even if I waited until Black Friday/Christmas, it was never going to be cheaper than the $20 I paid :lol:
  • SergiuLive
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    I said I will not play FUT at all, but still got the game.
    Played when EA access dropped, then again yesterday and I'm already over it. No desire to play it again.

    Same assited passing system, same overused body checks. It's just not fun or realistic.
    And GK animations put there to induce rage.

    The game mechanics are just so broken that no patch is going to fix it so I will just give up.
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