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Best Brazilian players?

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Up to 50k in each position, who are you enjoying? Probably going to go 4231 or 4411.

Fred worth it or all hype? Seems mad overpriced for 82


  • Don't wanna hicjack your post.

    But Jesus Will he come down or Stay like 40k for a good Month?

    Yes Fred seems a bit overpriced.

    Bernard looks ok, I luved his card on 18,i did not even know he play for Everton now, luv it, 4k seems a bit expensive tho.
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    Think Jesus will stay high for a while but ultimately tank like everything else. Pace plus BPL plus one of only a couple of good Brazilian strikers will keep his price high for a while IMO.
  • Owls4everr
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    Will he keep his price?
  • slurry
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    Fred is amazing, so is paulinho, telisca and Arthur (CL) from barcelona. Using fabio as Rb who is also good and the inter LB who is decent but lacks stamina.
  • AKLaMasia
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    Went through Div 5 with this team and done it pretty easily tbh, I just picked up Talisca IF this morning. I was using his normal card before today and he has been unreal. But yeah, Fred, Paulinho, Firmino, Talisca and not to forget Telles, he is an absolute beast.

    I also paid 193,000 for this squad, now its worth 425k.

    [img][/img][URL=https:///]c9bcbf3d30ec3d0df3a332278aac973b-full.jpg[/URL] img safe
  • I have a brazilian team too, its so good, but i have a cheaper version with giuliano at cam, he is amazing, i packed paulinho, who is better, fred or paulinho? because for cvm i already have fernandinho who i also packed together with willian at RM
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