This isn't me moaning I want others feedback

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So I have played a lot of fut since the release on Wednesday I play on pc currently in division 4 hovering around the 1760-1800 skill gap. My record started off well but now is round about just a few more wins than losses which I get in theory I am playing people on the same level as me so don't expect to beat everyone. I also mention that I play on pc just incase the things I am experiencing are pc only.

I know one of the problems with button delay has a thread so won't go into detail about that.

Things I think need fixed are crosses and overhead kicks are far to powerful this needs toned down. The side foot shots instead of lacing it also need fixed and are really annoying and I also don't think the new fixed camera is any help at all. The 50-50 system I don't think is working correctly it still feels like when you tackle the ball still ends up with the attacker as it just keeps bouncing off them. These are the things I think need fixed.

Now other problems I have no 2 games feel the same ie one game players fast responsive next game slow and sluggish, not to be confused with the button delay this is a seperate issue. It also links into pace I see people saying pace doesn't matter when in some games it definitely does as you can feel players being faster and some games the whole games played around pace. Passing I see people saying can't ping pong etc again some games people are blind passing perfect balls to other players quick ping pongs etc and other games they can't pass or do simple things.

This is what's frustrating me as some games it's not down to skill gap or the better player it's factor's above and pot luck at times.

Is anyone else feeling like this or having these issues? This isn't a moan because I am bad at the game or need to git good etc it's issues I feel I am experiencing is anyone else or is it in my head?

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