Fabio Cannavaro: January Results


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    Massive 8 point gap between 1st and 2nd now, Arsenal just look so dominate winning their games looking at it. You have to wonder who can stop them right now? UCL perfect run ended with Nice but the unbeaten run rolls on, I'm interesting to see how Arsenal do in the latter stages of the competition.
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    Fulham (4-3-3): Fabricio, Sakai, Mawson, Pedro Henrique, Angelino, Pulgar, Cairney (Johansen, 58), Zambo Anguissa, De Paul (Gervinho, 72), Philipp, Sisto
    Arsenal (4-3-3): Martinez, Mallo, Holding, Lascelles, Marcelo (Pasquier, 89), Tonali (Torreira, 67), Maitland-Niles, Fernandes (Lodeiro, 67), Nelson, Abraham, Sessegnon

    Q: Claudio a disappointing game, was the damage done in the first half?
    Ranieri: I don’t think we showed up in the first half and that was the reason at the end of the game we have ended up on the losing team. Their first goal they had a little bit of luck the way it fell to Nelson after hitting the post but obviously they will say they were unlucky originally to hit the post then the second was sloppy by us but nice football by the but it was avoidable. Second half we played like we normally do and created so many problems I think we deserved to go to extra time but they countered and they are in the next round.

    Q: Fabio you have finally got the better of Fulham after your three recent losses how happy are you with that win?
    Cannavaro: We still couldn’t stop Max (Philipp) from scoring haha. He is a great player and he obviously enjoys big games because he shows up for them but we kept him quiet for most of the game and we deserve this win. Fulham are a difficult team to face, they seem to cause us problems every time we face them but today we kept our composure and played some beautiful football and I think we deserved to progress especially with how well we played in the first half.


    Q: Fabio a 1-1 draw, after that dominant first half how disappointing was it for them to score with the last kick of the half?
    Cannavaro: The referee adds two minutes, they score after three minutes. We dominated the first half we hit the bar, we hit the post and we had shots cleared off the line but it was one of them days when the ball would not go in and they create one chance and score. Second half was a little different they put up more of a challenge but again we had ne cleared off the line but you have to give their defence credit they got back and made some crucial tackles.

    Q: Nuno a back to the walls performance, are you happy with that display and result?
    Santo: Yes of course I am happy, to come to the Emirates is not easy and to come here when they are in such good form it was important we defended well. This season we have the worst defence so the plan had to be to sit back if we left ourselves open Arsenal would have punished us but we stuck to our game plan and I think a point is what we earned today. Football isn’t all attack, attack, attack it is about defending and working for each other and we did that today.


    Inter Milan (4-2-3-1): Navas, Karsdorp, Upamecano, Skriniar, Alba, Nainggolan (Elneny, 54), Gagliardini, Karamoh (Neres, 67), Forsberg (Depay, 78), Muniain, Icardi
    Arsenal (4-3-3): Leno, Mallo, de Ligt, Holding, Sessegnon, Tonali, Maitland-Niles (Torreira, 67), Lodeiro (Fernandes, 84), Nelson, Abraham, Oyarzabal (Pasquier, 67)

    Q: Luciano second place in the group, are you happy with some of the signs your team has shown?
    Spalletti: Yes I think we played against one of the favourites today a team undefeated so far this season and we very nearly won the game and the group at the end if it wasn’t for a great save by Leno. We have nothing to fear in this competition when teams look at who finished second I am sure we will be the team everybody wants to avoid and I think today we showed why with a superb defence and we always created some clear chances.

    Q: Fabio top spot secured after this draw, what are your thoughts on tonights game?
    Cannavaro: We played a very tough team and with this point we secure top spot in a group that is very difficult. I thought that for most of the game we were in control and deserved to win the match but a draw at the San Siro is a great result considering the fact it was a game where if they had won they would have won the group so it was a very important game but I don’t think either team really wanted to take any risks.


    Q: David a fantastic performance form your side but you came up short with that late goal. How disappointing was it to concede so late on?
    Wagner: It hurts, we fought for the full game we came from behind twice but the timing of their third made it virtually impossible to come back from. I think we deserved a point but Arsenal had chances and they probably think the result is fair but I thought the way we kept fighting kept coming back, we kept the ball so well especially the first half when you look Arsenal vs Inter Milan in the Champions League Arsenal have 63% possession but today it was very even. I’m proud of our performance even though it wasn’t the result we wanted.

    Q: Fabio a late goal to secure the three points, how happy are you with that result?
    Cannavaro: I am happy with the result, not so much the performance. We could have scored three or four more and it would have been deserved but defensively we switched off to much and we conceded two soft goals a corner and then two players in the centre of the box unmarked waiting for the ball. I think people will mention Ryan (Sessegnon) at left back but he was probably our best defender he got up and down and was brilliant defensively the goals came form the other side but I don’t blame an individual because there's a sequence to goals and each goal had two maybe three mistakes in the sequence and that is what frustrates us the most.


    Q: Fabio a fantastic result for your side. How important was that quick start that your side made?
    Cannavaro: I thought it was crucial we got in their faces early and tried to create as many chances as possible, we had a game plan and the players executed it to perfection. Andrea (Belotti) scoring three headers showed how good he is in the air and to have nineteen goals at this stage of the season I don’t think there is a better striker on the planet then him at the moment and he should be really proud of the difference he is making. I am lucky to have such a wonderful team and we work so hard for each other and for the fans to deliver results like this that will be cherished by he fans I’m sure.

    Q: Jurgen a humiliating defeat for your team. A lot of people have criticised your starting line up with key players like Alisson, Salah and Alaba on the bench. What was the thinking behind that decision?
    Klopp: I have to apologise to our fans because they didn’t deserve the performance we put in today. We made the changes because we haven’t been in great form so wanted to try a couple of different things but obviously it has back fired today and we have been beaten convincingly. We have to get to our next game as soon as possible to get this dreadful result out of our system it was the worst day in my history as a manager and I am lost for words because we came in so well prepared so confident and they got that early goal and we just seemed to hit the panic button and before we knew they were out of sight.


    Q: Nathan a disappointing defeat but what did you make of the match?
    Jones: We played a fantastic team, you’ve seen some of the results they’ve had this season just how good they are but we’re a little disappointed with the goals. First one it was just a little to far ahead of Ayala and it’s flicked off him onto the head of Bergwijn and the second Jack (Butland) saves nine out of ten times after letting it go through his legs at the near post. We probably should have scored a couple ourselves but it just wasn’t to be against the team that will probably win the league.

    Q: Fabio a comfortable win but are you disappointed that you finished the game with ten men?
    Cannavaro: Yes I am frustrated because I don’t think it is a red card, he has won the ball and then gone through the man. Football is a contact sport and you have to cherish these tackles because they are not easy to do but Jamaal is a fantastic tackler but he has a three game ban now so we must work something out to replace him. I think the performance was solid but not great but I think these performances are very important and today we picked up three crucial points.


    Q: Fabio a comfortable 2-0 win. Today was Andrea Belotti’s 20th goal of the season how important has he been to this season?
    Cannavaro: He is crucial to us his finishing is outstanding but so is his hold up play and it really helps us, I think he is the best striker in Europe even when we don’t perform that well he always finds a way to score a goal. I thought our first half performance today was perfect we kept the ball superbly and went in two goals up but the second half we were sloppy and gave the ball away to much and it caused us problems and almost let them back into the game.

    Q: Claude a disappointing result but were you happy with your teams performance especially in the second half?
    Puel: I am happy with the way we played in the second half but the first half we sat off them and showed them to much respect and they punished us and by half time the game was virtually over. Second half when we got in their faces they made mistakes gave the ball to us and we started creating our own chances and were unlucky we didn’t score a couple of goals but I don’t think you can be to critical because we were playing the best team in the country and I feel maybe we wanted to see how good they were before showing what we could do. We were to hesitant.
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    Look at that Liverpool result, wow! 7-1 is a historic win over a club like Liverpool. The team is starting to score more and more while keeping clean sheets. Looking like a title winning team.
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    Fernandes and Belotti have been brilliant this season, and that Liverpool 7-1 result is crazy, wow. Utter dominance and I'd like to see a similar result against a certain North London team in the future :D
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    Great results. As other fellow posters highlight, remarkable historic victory on Liverpool. But the run of results couldn't be any better in overall terms. There are lots of players whose contribution in attack is impressive. Great job.
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    The team is flying! The top spot in the UCL group is secured and in the PL some massive wins. Belotti and Fernandes are worth gold at the moment.
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    Stlducks wrote: »
    Look at that Liverpool result, wow! 7-1 is a historic win over a club like Liverpool. The team is starting to score more and more while keeping clean sheets. Looking like a title winning team.

    The Liverpool result was great but for some reason they played a weakened side which takes the shine of the result
    Ashy wrote: »
    Fernandes and Belotti have been brilliant this season, and that Liverpool 7-1 result is crazy, wow. Utter dominance and I'd like to see a similar result against a certain North London team in the future :D

    Tottenham I feel will be a different type of game because derbies form goes out the window and they have a lot of talent
    subpop wrote: »
    Great results. As other fellow posters highlight, remarkable historic victory on Liverpool. But the run of results couldn't be any better in overall terms. There are lots of players whose contribution in attack is impressive. Great job.

    Its more of a team this season and that is why we have enjoyed the season we have
    DB1512 wrote: »
    The team is flying! The top spot in the UCL group is secured and in the PL some massive wins. Belotti and Fernandes are worth gold at the moment.

    They have been stand out players along with de Ligt thats the spine of this team and we'd struggle without them
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    Arsenal have been drawn against Spanish side Sevilla in the next round of the Champions League. The Spanish giants came through a group consisting of English side Manchester City, Anderlecht and Spartak Moscow. The Spanish side will be used to English opposition thanks to the games against Man City but their manager Joaquin Caparros says Arsenal will be a tougher challenge judging by their form so far this season.

    Joaquin said “I am excited by this challenge in the Champions League, Arsenal are one of the favourites for the competition and although a lot of people may not have wanted the draw with Arsenal it excites me because we feel we are good enough to challenge them and cause them problems. Arsenal have enjoyed a brilliant season all season but its two games and anything can happen on games like this.

    Fabio Cannavaro had this to say on the tie “It is a tough tie, Sevilla are a great team and will obviously be a tough challenge but we are enjoying a very good season and we were confident regardless of who we were drawn against. We have a couple of months before the Sevilla games where obviously our scouts will watch them but we have to concentrate on the league and trying t make sure we remain on course domestically before we can think about the two games with them.

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    Port Vale (4-4-2): Hornby, Gibbons, Rawlinson, Smith, Montano, Worrall, Whitfield, Conlon (Oyeleke, 71), Hannant, Pope (Vargas, 66), Valencia (Miller, 45)
    Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Martinez, Mallo, Holding, de Ligt, Marcelo, Tonali (Willock, 83), Maitland-Niles, Lodeiro (Pasquier, 66), Nelson, Abraham, Oyarzabal (Bramall, 66)

    Q: John you exit the cup but with plaudits from Fabio Cannavaro and many other pundits do you exit with your heads held high?
    Askey: I think we do yeah we are disappointed we lost because we wanted to cause an upset but Arsenal were fantastic today their so difficult to play against the way they keep the ball and we look at some of the players they played the likes of Matthijs (de Ligt), Tammy (Abraham) Marcelo and Mikel (Oyarzabal) their all international footballers and it showed they were taking the competition seriously and when your up against players like that it was always a mammoth task.

    Q: Fabio a much tougher game then many expected it to be. Tammy missed quite a few chances today what did you make of his performance?
    Cannavaro: He wasn’t as clinical in front of goal as he usually is but I thought Port Vale were fantastic defensively today and really made us work for our chances. I expected the type of game it was with Port Vale playing on the counter and putting their bodies on the line and I feel they deserve credit for not just rolling over after we scored they kept fighting and it took a spectacular goal from Gregoire to seal the win. I am so happy with his (Pasquier) progress he is getting better and better every week and he is going to be a special talent and he showed a glimpse of his quality with that goal.


    Arsenal (4-3-3): Martinez, Periera, de Ligt, Holding, Sessegnon, Tonali (Loftus-Cheek, 72), Torreira (Maitland-Niles, 72), Fernandes, Bergwijn, Abraham, Pasquier (Belotti, 80)
    Nottingham Forest 4-2-3-1): Smith, Mozo, Hefele (Fortuna Santos, 61), Figueiredo, Robinson, Beltran, Yates (Tachtsidis, 53), Cash, Carvalho, Ariyibi, Brereton (Cummings, 83)

    Q: Fabio a late goal which puts you in a strong position heading into the second leg. What did you make of your sides performances today?
    Cannavaro: We were excellent today, the first half we hit the bar and we hit the post but we had to be careful because we didn’t want to give away any away goals. Last year we won the first leg the same score but were eliminated obviously we won’t go out on away goals again but we still have a job to do when we got to there ground but we are in a stronger position thanks to the late goal. I think this team has any incredible spirit and we never stop believing we will score and that’s we have scored in the final minute.

    Q: Martin a cruel end to the game conceding so late. What are your thoughts on the performance of your team today?
    O’Neill: I am proud of my players they put in a fantastic performance and we didn’t deserve to lose especially in the manner we did but you can’t play that well for ninety minutes and get lazy in injury time otherwise they will punish you. We still believe in ourselves obviously it is going to be extremely difficult but football is a funny game and stranger things have happened. We saw Fulham comeback last year against the same team and now we think its our turn.


    Q: Fabio your first loss of the season coming against your biggest rivals is that make the result even more bitter?
    Cannavaro: We don’t like to lose regardless of the opponent, today Tottenham played fantastic but we made some stupid mistakes and it isn’t like us. I am not going to make excuses the performance wasn’t the level we expect but we are still enjoying a fantastic season and we just have to bounce back and go on another run. It is only the half way point in the season but we have a good lead at the top of the table and despite this set back we will keep on fighting.

    Mauricio: What a result coming away to your biggest rivals who were unbeaten heading into the match how satisfying is that result?
    Pochettino: We are delighted with the result, we have endured another difficult start but this is the result that will kick start our season and we are still going to fight to finish in the top four. We have the quality to compete with the best teams but we haven’t reached the levels we expect of ourselves and now we have the confidence back I am sure we will start to go on a run theres no reason we can’t with the quality we have in our team.


    Arsenal are delighted to announce the signing of Danilo Barbosa from OGC Nice following the departure of Ainsley Maitland-Niles who signed for Leicester in a £35,000,000 deal earlier this week. Danilo who scored the goal that knocked us out of the Europa League last season has signed a four year deal after we agreed a fee with Nice in the region of £30,000,000. Also joining Arsenal is former Barcelona and AC Milan midfielder Bojan from Stoke City for £6,000,000 the midfielder has only played four times this season but the thirty one year old still has something to offer believes manager Fabio Cannavaro who said this

    Cannavaro: I am delighted to welcome these two players to the club, Bojan is a fantastic player who hasn’t been given much of a chance in recent seasons due to issues off the pitch but we are confident he still has something to offer, he is a player who can play in several positions and we are delighted he has joined us. Danilo is a super midfielder we saw both this season and last season how good he is and he can score goals he showed with his spectacular volley. We are sad Ainsley is leaving but he wanted more game time which we couldn’t guarantee but we wish him the best for his career.


    Q: Fabio the perfect response to last weeks loss to Tottenham. Another goal for de Ligt how important is he to the team?
    Cannavaro: He is one of the best defenders in the world and he has made a massive impact on the team since joining the club. He is a leader and I feel that has been a difference this season the amount of leaders in the team and it helps us to bounce back after a disappointing result. I am delighted with the debut of Bojan who got himself an assist and Danilo who was very solid in midfield and could have scored on another day. I think that the new signings gave us the chance to rest Bruno (Fernandes) and Lucas (Torreira) who have needed a rest due to the amount of football they have played this season.

    Q: David a disappointing defeat. What did you think of the game?
    Wagner: We knew that Arsenal were going to react after their loss last week but I feel the key moment in the match went against us. We went through one on one and the keeper has made a great save and that was when they were winning by one. We are confident we have enough quality to stay up but we have to do more especially when we go through on goal we have to be more clinical.


    Nottingham Forest 4-2-3-1): Smith, Darikwa, Hefele (Fortuna Santos, 58), Fox, Robinson, Beltran (Tachtsidis, 55), Yates, Cash, Carvalho (Cummings, 86), Ariyibi, Brereton
    Arsenal (4-3-3): Martinez, Mallo, de Ligt, Holding, Marcelo, Tonali, Torreira (Willock, 75), Lodeiro (Fernandes, 60), Nelson, Abraham, Pasquier (Oyarzabal, 75)

    Q: Martin your team surprised a lot of people to get this far but have come up short over the two legs. What have you made of your sides performances over the two games?
    O’Neill: I look at the late goal that Arenal scored as the key moment in the tie to be honest with you. If they hadn’t scored that goal we wouldn’t have had to play as much of an open game as we did today but we can’t take anything away from this Arsenal side because it is a special team with some extraordinary talent in their ranks. They brought Bruno Fernandes on and he put us to the sword with two goals which killed any hope we had of coming back.

    Q: Fabio into the final, people are talking about this Arsenal team being good enough to complete the quadruple what are your thoughts on them opinions?
    Cannavaro: I am happy with the way we played during this competition and I believe we deserve to be in the final. I know the fans will talk about winning all the trophies and if they keep talking about this then we are playing well because nobody talks about winning trophies when you weren’t performing. This weekend we have a tough game against Tottenham because it is there biggest chance of a trophy and they will be determined to end our quadruple hopes like they ended the unbeaten run.


    Tottenham Hotspur (4-2-3-1): Asenjo, Carvajal (Calabria, 80), Savic, Colombo, Walker-Peters (Walker, 78), Skipp, Rabiot, Eriksen, Alli, Coman (Son, 57), Kane
    Arsenal (4-3-3): Martinez, Pereira, de Ligt, Lascelles, Sessegnon, Torreira (Bojan, 78), Loftus-Cheek (Danilo, 67), Fernandes, Bergwijn (Abraham, 78), Belotti, Oyarzabal

    Q: Mauricio back to back wins against Arsenal is that win even more special because it means you have stopped Arsenal both from going unbeaten and their Quadruple hopes?
    Pochettino: I think for the fans this is important, they have ended two of arsenals hopes for the season. For me it was important to win the match because we want to win this trophy. I am so happy with our performance we scored a great goal and then we hit the post twice and their keeper made some really good saves, again we have shown that we are one of the top sides in the country and we can enjoy this victory.

    Q: Fabio a disappointing cup exit for your players you came very close at the end hitting the bar in injury time but do you think the better team on the day won?
    Cannavaro: I thought Tottenham played a very good game, they defended very well and created chances themselves. We are disappointed with the goal we conceded I think Emiliano should be saving that at his near post and I have told him that but also he has made two or three great saves after this to make up for the mistake. I think the final minutes Andrea (Belotti) normally scores this but today it hit the post so we are out which is a shame but we still have three trophies we are fighting for.


    Q: Nuno a superb draw for your team it was a very even game. Matt Doherty scored a goal and got an assist just how crucial is he to your side?
    Santo: Matt is a fantastic attacking full back and he deserves the plaudits he has received this season. I believe the game could have gone either way today we created a lot of chances we hit the post twice and forced their keeper into some great saves. If you look at their first goal it came just after we hit the post s maybe things could have been different I don’t know but we scored two great goals against a superb team I am happy with the draw.

    Q: Fabio it has been a tough few weeks for your side. There is talk that Rob Holding is in talks to leave in the summer with his contact expiring is that the sort of thing that can distract the team?
    Cannavaro: I don’t think so no, I don’t even know if this rumour is true. For me he should wait until the end of the season and then decide his future but it is up to him hopefully we will know soon what he wants. I believe a lot has been made of our form and it is unfair the criticism we have been receiving we are still in three trophies and we are in a strong position in the league every team has a patch where things are difficult but I am sure we will bounce back from this.



    Q: Fabio quite an incredible match with nine goals. You managed to secure three points in the end but are you disappointed with your performance especially defensively?
    Cannavaro: We are starting to make more mistakes each week and it is causing us problems, fair play to Crystal Palace they kept fighting every time we scored but we kept going and I feel it was a win we deserved but they will be sad to lose especially after scoring a hat trick. We started really well and I am happy with the impact the subs made because Gregoire (Pasquier) found Bojan who then set up the winner this is the impact we wanted them to make and they delivered.

    Q: Roy a fantastic game for the neutral but your side came up just short today. What did you think of the game?
    Hodgson: I think that the better team lost, I believe the character we showed to come back from two goals down and then to come back two more times and keep trying to win shows why we are one of the in form teams in the league. I said earlier in the season this Arsenal team have weaknesses and I feel recently they have been exposed I never said they weren’t a great side because we exposed their weaknesses and put our all into that game and they still found a way to win that is what a top side does.


    Arsenal are delighted to confirm the signing of young defender Tomislav Krovinovic from Walsall for £4,200,000 on a 5 year deal. The nineteen year old Croatia youngster has been a key member of Walsall’s side this season with the side who were favourites for relegation at the beginning of the season sitting in fifteenth in the league. Sky Sources understand that defender Rob Holding has been advised that he will be surplus to requirements for the rest of the season after upsetting Fabio Cannavaro after his move to AC Milan was announced last week and Fabio identified Croatia youngster Tomislav as the perfect replacement for Holding.

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    Later Rob, Fabio's not to be messed with. Arsenal doing well with a commanding lead in the table. Everton is havign a pretty good season as well.
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    Shame to see Rob leave, he has a lot of potential but sometimes players just done reach it, not sure the replacement will be good enough just yet but cool to see you looking at the lower English leagues for players, realistic! Sevilla in the next round is quite exciting, Spanish teams can be difficult but I think Arsenal will go through without too much of a fuss. Spurs defeat hurts especially considering it's the first of the season and in that manner.
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    Spurs are on a great run it looks like back up to 7th. I think Holding is going to be a really good player one day, could be a big loss for Arsenal.

    Sevilla is a good draw, not an easy team but certainly not as good as Arsenal.
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    Some great results, but has to be a bit worrying how leaky the defense has been at times. Sitting very comfortable in the league though.
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    Virtual_K wrote: »
    Later Rob, Fabio's not to be messed with. Arsenal doing well with a commanding lead in the table. Everton is havign a pretty good season as well.

    Don't want players playing who don't want to be here the money he was demanding he wasn't worth
    Ashy wrote: »
    Shame to see Rob leave, he has a lot of potential but sometimes players just done reach it, not sure the replacement will be good enough just yet but cool to see you looking at the lower English leagues for players, realistic! Sevilla in the next round is quite exciting, Spanish teams can be difficult but I think Arsenal will go through without too much of a fuss. Spurs defeat hurts especially considering it's the first of the season and in that manner.

    It is a shame he was a very good back up but his contract demands weren't something I felt he was worthy of and would have made him a higher earner then both de Ligt and Lascelles
    Stlducks wrote: »

    Spurs are on a great run it looks like back up to 7th. I think Holding is going to be a really good player one day, could be a big loss for Arsenal.

    Sevilla is a good draw, not an easy team but certainly not as good as Arsenal.

    The Spurs losses really hurt with them being our rivals but the Champions League draw if favourable and we should be able to qualify
    Some great results, but has to be a bit worrying how leaky the defense has been at times. Sitting very comfortable in the league though.

    The form of the team is dipping slightly, hopefully we can re find our form and start keeping the opponents out
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    Q: Fabio a disappointing loss, the gap at the top is now down to six points. How important is it your side react in a positive way given the criticism they have received recently for their performances?
    Cannavaro: We are disappointed with our recent form we are conceding to many goals that is the issue but we will work together to find a solution to the problem. Today after four minutes we should take the lead we hit the bar and it was one of them games where the ball wouldn’t fall for us. Everton are a fantastic team they are fighting to qualify for the Champions League so we knew it would be an exceptionally tough game and it was they played great so credit to them they deserved to win but I don’t think we deserved to lose.

    Q: Marco a fantastic victory against the league leaders that blows the title race open. What are your thoughts on the game today?
    Silva: We came here with a game plan and I thought we stuck to it really well, Arsenal are such a strong side and they have great character we learnt that earlier in the season when they came back from two goals down and drew with us so we had to concentrate but it was the perfect performance. The title race is more open now, I don’t think anybody wants to see a one sided race but Arsenal still have a lead and I still think they will win the title but it is now how they cope with the pressure of other teams being closed to them now.


    Q: Rafa a strong performance from your side, how happy are you with the performance from your side today?
    Benitez: I believe that this was our best performance of the season, the first half although we went in 1-0 down we didn’t deserve to be losing and I said to the players keep playing and we will score a goal and that’s what we did obviously we knew as the game wore on Arsenal would push further and further forward so the plan last twenty minutes was to counter and still offer a threat which I thought we did excellently and being honest I think the saves Leno made were more difficult then the saves we had to make.

    Q: Fabio that’s one win in five games in all competitions, you’ve said you believe your players are very tired and need a rest how important is this international break now?
    Cannavaro: I don’t think it makes much of a difference because most of our players will be travelling the world and will have to play every three or four days twice. When they return we have four games in eleven days all of which are crucial. We are disappointed with our form but we know our quality it is important not to panic we will find our best form again we just have to start doing the basic things correctly and I’m sure we will go on a nice run of results picking up wins.


    Sevilla (3-5-2): Blanco, Gomez, Felipe, Chiamulera, Cabral (Sarabia, 52), Semedo (Grealish, 78), Weigl, Nakamba, Promes (Acuna, 74), Calleri, Selke
    Arsenal (4-3-3): Leno, Pereira, de Ligt, Lascelles, Marcelo (Krovinovic, 81), Torreira (Danilo, 27), Loftus-Cheek (Bojan, 69), Fernandes, Bergwijn, Belotti, Sessegnon

    Q: Joaquin a disappointing loss that three minute spell really puts Arsenal in control of the tie doesn’t it?
    Caparros: Yes it does, we knew it would be a tough game but a poor spell has made things complicated for us but we believe in ourselves. We believe we can go to Arsenal and win and obviously we will have to play an open attacking game but must remain composed defensively, Arsenal have many talents in the attacking areas and they surprised us because they came and flew straight at us we thought they would be a little bit more tentative given the criticism their defence has received but fair play to them they made it an open game.

    Q: Fabio with a lot of criticism going your teams way ahead of this game how happy are you with that reaction from your players tonight?
    Cannvaro: We played exactly how we wanted to which was attacking free flowing football, we weren’t to concerned about conceding goals because obviously we wanted to score as many away goals as possible and we have won by a nice margin meaning that Sevilla have to score three without us scoring of four with us scoring just one. This tie isn’t over we know that but we are in a nice position and we are confident. We took Lucas (Torreira) off as a precaution hopefully his injury isn’t serious but we will know more soon.


    Q: Fabio a dominant win, Tammy Abraham managed to secure a hat trick for the team. Do you feel the team are starting to build a little momentum again now?
    Cannavaro: I said last week against Newcastle we have four games in eleven games, we have won two of them and now we have two more difficult games including the cup final last week. I feel it was important Tammy got a hat trick and it was a perfect hat trick (Header, Left foot, Right foot) for his confidence because he has a massive game next week, he will start against Manchester United like he has started every game in the Carabao cup this season he deserves the opportunity and the players feel the same way including Andrea (Belotti) who is happy for his team mate. We are a close team and we all play for each other.

    Q: Martin a disappointing game how much did that early goal affect the game?
    O’Neill: It’s difficult t say goals change games but I felt that a good start would have certainly put pressure on a much changed Arsenal team as it happens we gave a penalty away and they took the lead after six minutes which gave them confidence and made us push a few yards forward. The second was a great finish on Tammy’s weak side so we cant criticise the defender to much for showing him onto his weaker foot, at half time I said to the lads of we get one goal then the crowd will get nervous and that will translate on to the players but we couldn’t find a break through and they obviously got their third


    Q: Fabio another victory, just over a week ago against Newcastle you said your next four games are crucial to your season you have won three of them. With Manchester City and Manchester United both losing are you back in control of the title race?
    Cannavaro: It has always been in our hands but now we have a nine point gap again which gives us a little more breathing room. I thought today we played a solid game, Tomislav (Krovinovic) made his second start of the week and he played another great game I thought he was outstanding and he was probably our best defender today. I think Andrea (Belotti) is probably not happy with his performance because he had three very good chances in the first half but the keeper saved them but he showed his quality with a world class goal and many strikers would have shied away but it makes him more determined to score when the keeper plays well like Francesco (Bardhi) did today

    Q: Chris a solid performance by your team but you have come up short today. What are your thoughts on the game?
    Hughton: I am happy with the way we performed, obviously we are disappointed we haven’t picked up a result but I feel we showed how good a team we are but when you concede a goal like the one Belotti has scored you have to hold your hands up because it was a great strike and in the end it proved crucial. Arsenal are one of the top teams not just in the country but in Europe and I thought we caught them on a good day and any other team would have been beaten by four or five but we stood up and defended well and I am proud of the lads. I can’t think of many teams that come to the Emirates and have more of the ball then Arsenal

  • WelshWizard
    731 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Great away performance vs Sevilla.
  • Ashy
    11819 posts Has That Special Something
    Good to see you get the results back on track after a disappointing first two, credit to Everton though they got a win at the Emirates against the league leaders, they have built quite the team. Fantastic win against Sevilla, away goals are in your favour, should be through now.
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