How to get power freekick trait and other passive traits on fifa 19 pro clubs

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Firstly if you're reading this it's important you do this fix on your pro as ingame functions like power free kicks (LB+B) you will not be able to do on your default fifa 19 carry over pro. You will know if you have a carry over pro which are all absent of these passive traits if your pros appearance from fifa 18 was ported over to fifa 19, or by also checking the traits list in match by viewing your pros attributes as captain.

To fix this problem just delete your online pro 1 data from fifa 19, don't worry you wont lose any stats or xp as its saved on EA servers it will just reset your appearance. The glitch is back because your pro is carried over from fifa 18 to fifa 19 just like it did from fifa 16 to fifa 17 when we had the exact same glitch on fifa 17 two years ago. The traits you should have if you don't have these delete your online pro 1 save. To view this you must be captain of a match in a actual club. Unfortunately this doesn't work in drop in matches anymore as it did on fifa 17 as they removed the ability to swap players around in the formation for drop in matches. What the online pro 1 save looks like.

Click the link below and go the the original post if you're having trouble finding the online pro 1 save or viewing your pros passive traits as there is written steps and a video on the original post of the link explaining so. This two year old link is still relevant for fifa 19 as its the same glitch after all and the steps to fix are exactly the same.
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