Why some of the best players never play in career mode

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I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere before, but I think one big issue is that CM's don't exist for FIFA. When you edit a player you can change his position to CAM or CDM, but never to CM. When you are in a team formation and press the Y-button or triangle to get a suggestion for the position of a CM, you'll always get CDM's first, even if the CDM is 70 rated and the CM on your bench is 90 rated. I believe FIFA uses the same system for your suggestions as for the formations they create for the AI in career mode.

I tested this by changing the position of Ever Banega to CDM, and he has played 9 out of 9 games for Sevilla in my career mode. I did not do the same for Parejo at Valencia, and he has only played one game, while Coquilin and Racic played 9 and 8 games respectivly. When I look at Barcelona Vidal and Busquets play every game, together with Sergi Samper. Rakitic played only 2, Rafinha zero. So before every new career mode I go trought all the formations of the teams in my league and the biggest European teams and change either the position on the field to CAM (one of the CM positions for City, for example) or the position of the CM's to CDM.

Hopefully EA will fix this. Should be easy. @EA_Andy @EA_Corey, please let me know if I am right and if you are fixing this. Thanks in advance.
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