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You’re too early… when Ive only played 4 hours

4069 posts National Call-Up
And no I didn’t forget to quit out the game. My hours ran out and even in the game stats on xbox is says Ive only played 4 hours. Tried contacting EA support with no help. Any workaround?


  • Wonderfulwest
    4972 posts Big Money Move
    Good luck I got double charged for access last week and I’ve spoken to them twice only to be told I’m incorrect when my bank clearly shows they took two payments.

    That on top of my time being cut short
  • Yehudaargazi1
    669 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Talk to Microsoft support they will help both of you...Ea support useless
  • BrentfordFC
    13133 posts Has That Special Something
    I stole your game time :trollface:
    5602 posts Big Money Move
    This happened to me also. Had 5 hours left and played 6 Sbs and when I shut It down said I only had 90 mins left
  • MattDaddy V1
    1669 posts Play-Off Hero
    Yep had this happen to me last night. When I signed in it said I had less than 90 minutes left so I jumped on squad battles to finish my last game and I got booted out midway through the match. Looked at my stats and it said I'd been playing FIFA 19 for 9 hours.
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