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If I have switched positions between two players prior to making a change from balanced to defensive (or any other mentality) the two players will change positions back. This is especially bad if you have made any a substituion.

For example if I want to go forward and I take out my defensive midfielder, put my offensive midfielder on the CDMs position and bring on a forward. If I then switch the mentality after making this change, my forward will play at CDMs position.

This is not good and needs to be changed. There has to be a way to program so the game remembers at what positions the players are playing if you are still using the same formation.

This is also terrible if you get a red card on a defender and have to switch things around. Once you then change mentality you wont have a defender in place.

And I can't find any place IN MATCH where I can change things on a different mentality than that I'm currently on. Even if such exist I need to make the change on 5 different mentalities...

No one else have encountered this problem!?
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  • viniciusrsouza
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    I created a thread earlier about this. There's also another one about formation changes during match that's is related to this.

    Jusy be prepared to be ignored, since we are not taking about (money looting) FUT.

    Welcome to the team.
  • Limpo
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    I am atleast glad I'm not the only one seeing the problem in this.
    Yeah I had the formation change happening also in one of the earlier matches. Thought I didn't preset the formation so I went in and did that to the next game, but the formation still changed.
  • KingAvdic
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    There should be a way to change the formation in all mentalities at once. Like if you’d still want to play 4231 in all set ups for example, you shouldn’t have to change the formation 5 times. It takes way too long. Needs to be smoother.
  • Limpo
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    Yeah. They need to make it so you don't have to pause 5 times atleast.
  • deang07
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    apparently if you use trainer on in game it **** up the dynamic tactics .
  • Limpo
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    I don't use trainer on. It's still bad.
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