Custom tactics mentality change = position change. THIS NEEDS FIXING!

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If I have switched positions between two players prior to making a change from balanced to defensive (or any other mentality) the two players will change positions back. This is especially bad if you have made any a substituion.

For example if I want to go forward and I take out my defensive midfielder, put my offensive midfielder on the CDMs position and bring on a forward. If I then switch the mentality after making this change, my forward will play at CDMs position.

This is not good and needs to be changed. There has to be a way to program so the game remembers at what positions the players are playing if you are still using the same formation.
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    This is also terrible if you get a red card on a defender and have to switch things around. Once you then change mentality you wont have a defender in place.

    And I can't find any place IN MATCH where I can change things on a different mentality than that I'm currently on. Even if such exist I need to make the change on 5 different mentalities...

    No one else have encountered this problem!?
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    I had the formation change happening also in one of the earlier matches. Thought I didn't preset the formation so I went in and did that to the next game, but the formation still changed. This needs fixing EA.
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