European qualifying

As a fan of a club which frequently goes through these qualifiers I think they make for some of the best games of the season and I hope they are included correctly with the new licenses.

Does anyone know how qualifying for the European competitions works in career mode? For example, are there more than one qualifying round? Are they home and away? Do they have it right as far as which league positions and cup winners get automatic group spots or have to go through qualifying?


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    Same as on 18 as far as the qualifying rounds are concerned, Just 1 round before the group stages. They are 2 leg as before, not sure about the cup winners and league positions though.
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    There are not enough clubs to have more qualifying rounds so could only imagine it still being as it was before
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    gavin2903 wrote: »
    There are not enough clubs to have more qualifying rounds so could only imagine it still being as it was before
    There definitely is in the Champions League at least. I apologize since this answer is waaaaay too much but I enjoy thinking about this stuff so I wanted to really test how it could work.

    Champions League
    26 clubs qualify directly for CL (all of them are in FIFA 19):
    Spanish champion
    Spanish 2nd place
    Spanish 3rd place
    Spanish 4th place
    English champion
    English 2nd place
    English 3rd place
    English 4th place
    Italian champion
    Italian 2nd place
    Italian 3rd place
    Italian 4th place
    German champion
    German 2nd place
    German 3rd place
    German 4th place
    French champion
    French 2nd place
    French 3rd place
    Russian champion
    Russian 2nd place
    Portuguese champion
    Ukrainian champion
    Belgian champion
    Turkish champion
    Czech champion

    That leaves 6 spots in the group stages. There are 22 spots that are accesible to FIFA 19 clubs in CL qualifying , with which you could do three rounds like this:
    QR1: 8 teams enter (4 winners to QR2, 4 losers to EL-playoff)
    QR2: 4 QR1 winners, 8 enter = 12 teams (6 winners to PO, 6 losers to EL-group)
    PO: 6 QR2 winners, 6 enter = 12 teams (6 winners to UCL group, 6 losers to EL-group)

    Champions Path CL (3 teams qualify for group stage)
    Swiss champion (enter in play-off)
    Dutch champion (enter in play-off)
    Greek champion (enter in play-off)
    Austrian champion (enter in QR2)
    Croatian champion (enter in QR2)
    Danish champion (enter in QR2)
    Polish champion (enter in QR1)
    Swedish champion (enter in QR1)
    Scottish champion (enter in QR1)
    Norwegian champion (enter in QR1)
    Finnish champion (enter in QR1)
    Irish champion (enter in QR1)

    League Path (3 teams qualify for group stage)
    Russian 3rd place (enter in play-off)
    Portuguese 2nd place (enter in play-off)
    Ukrainian 2nd place (enter in play-off))
    Belgian 2nd place (enter in QR2)
    Turkish 2nd place (enter in QR2)
    Czech 2nd place (enter in QR2)
    Swiss 2nd place (enter in QR2)
    Netherlands 2nd place (enter in QR2)
    Greek 2nd place (enter in QR1)
    Austrian 2nd place (enter in QR1)

    This would actually be very realistic. The main thing that would be a little off apart from teams missing in the champions path would be that league path and champions path get 3 spots each instead of 2 and 4 respectively.

    Europa League
    Europa League is a little trickier because a lot of clubs are missing, but the solution closest to reality would probably look like this in FIFA 19:

    30 teams qualify directly for the group stage:
    12 losers from CL qualifying
    13 domestic cup winners (ESP, ENG, ITA, DEU, FRA, PRT, BEL, TUR, SUI, CZE, NLD, GRC, AUT)
    4 fifth place teams (ESP, ENG, ITA, DEU)
    French 4th place

    That leaves as many as 18 open spots to complete the group stage, so you can't do much more than one round but there is room for a smaller qualifying round for the lower ranked leagues at least. Preferably there should be some sort of seeding involved here as well.

    Play-off round (36 teams, 18 winners qualify for group stages)
    Spanish 6th place
    Italian 6th place
    German 6th place
    English EFL cup winners
    French league cup winners
    Danish cup winners
    Polish cup winners
    Swedish cup winners
    Scottish cup winners
    Norwegian cup winners
    Irish cup winners
    Portuguese 3rd place
    Portuguese 4th place
    Belgian 3rd place
    Belgian 4th place
    Turkish 3rd place
    Turkish 4th place
    Swiss 3rd place
    Swiss 4th place
    Dutch 3rd place
    Dutch 4th place
    Greek 3rd place
    Austrian 3rd place
    Austrian 4th place
    Danish 2nd place
    Polish 2nd place
    Swedish 2nd place
    Scottish 2nd place
    CL QR1 loser
    CL QR1 loser
    CL QR1 loser
    CL QR1 loser
    EL QR winner
    EL QR winner
    EL QR winner
    EL QR winner

    Qualifying round (8 teams, 4 winners advance to EL-play-off)
    Danish 3rd place
    Polish 3rd place
    Swedish 3rd place
    Scottish 3rd place
    Norwegian 2nd place
    Norwegian 3rd place
    Irish 2nd place
    Irish 3rd place

    Europa League is obviously not as realistic since a lot of teams are not in the game. Getting the RPL back and adding a few eastern European ROTW clubs would go a long way here.
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    @Howler19 Best comeback answer I've seen, considering what you've worked out yeah certainly champions league, but still can't imagine it happening tho unfortunately. Like how you thought it out tho
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