Issue with EA Access and the web app

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So my Access ran out while I was in a game and it kicked me out. Now when I go to my team on the web app it says Players cannot be moved due to the lost connection in the last game and I need to go onto my console and properly close fut by going to the main menu. Since my Access ran out, I can’t.

Will this eventually go away or am I stuck doing nothing til Thursday? Has anybody had any experience with that?

On a side note though: yesterday I had 6 Hours left to play, went on to play my 4 games of squad battles and after I was finished I dashboarded and closed the game. I also always turn my xbox off so I‘m 100% sure the Access clock doesn‘t keep counting down while I‘m not playing. Though I went on yesterday night and I only had 3h left to play. Does anybody know if contacting the support would do anything?


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