Where's the 3rd kits for the Nike Teams

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I know they released the 3rd kits late for Man City, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Roma, PSG and Galatasaray quite late. But if Tottenham's 3rd kit is already in the game. Why isn't the 3rd kits on the game?

Its very disappointing however if you add in as a free update then I would be happy. These big teams deserve to have their 3rd kits in the game especially if they are playing in the Champions League/Europa League.

Who else is very disappointing by this.


  • mdizzl3
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    Day one patch perhaps?
  • Bluemoon2393
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    mdizzl3 wrote: »
    Day one patch perhaps?

    I doubt it would be a day one patch. As they would change some things for Ultimate team and nothing else.

    Perhaps it will come next month along with the promoted premier league face scans.

    Also I think they would do a Champions League update as well. It would be good if they give Tottenham and Man United the correct kits for that mode. (Both use different combinations for Champions League)
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