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  • I have fifa 19 these playing the coach mode or career mode the problem that happens to me the national teams do not call me to direct them even if I win everything as technical director that happens from the fifa 18 sera that can help me
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    it's up to us the consumers to unite against EA, I feel robbed and cheated I paid $59.99 for something that is not even worth it and these people don't care about us, but if FIFA 20 career mode isn't improved I won't buy. they say the champions league is authentic but there is no Red Star Belgrade that team is replaced with Aberdeen from Scotland. It's a damn shame
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    I have a question for Alastair..What's the meaning of this thread? Talk about how you would like the career mode without talking about the problems that afflict the gameplay that makes sense? There is no realistic career mode without realistic offline gameplay. If one plays at high difficulty levels as a legend or ultimate all teams (including those of league two) play like Barcelona ... To have a realistic career first of all you have to have statistics of the players and styles of realistic teams play. EA is this willing to implement it in the game or not?
    Is EA sports willing to take a step towards simulation or not? Also publishing next year the umpteenth game dominated by the dynamic difficulty and slides and talk about improvements in career does not make sense. Prior has clearly said that career mode no longer interests Ea, so what are we talking about?

    why can't we unite against them and not buy FIFA 20? is it that hard to do? I mean if we don't get what we want next year we should not buy.
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    I have not bought FIFA in a few years, which is due primarily to the lack of changes in the Career Mode.

    Here are a couple of the things that would immediately make career mode better.

    Customization of schedules, which would be allowing to create new international tournaments into the your career mode. Practically, this would allow smaller teams that or teams in non-European countries a chance to have a relevant international competition.

    Customization of Stadiums, Academies and Training facilities, by doing this you would allow for smaller teams to grow.

    This also presents a great opportunity to implement some sort of economic system to these types of upgrades. This leads into my next point. Board interaction, the screen with the tiles that say relevance of what they want you to do (some clubs have 5s on youth or financials or 1s on international comps). We have the cuts scenes for players well why not have one to go before the board and request things or changes. If there are player interactive revenue streams then there is something to bargain over.

    Bring back Chemistry. No team should be able to import massive stars, and have them gel instantly. Unless they actually fit what the team is already doing they shouldn't integrate so well. This could come in the form of player experience in specific formation, player formation preference, play style preference.

    Training should have 11 spots. If that is to over powered for a season then scale the effects back. I should be able to mold my team over the course of four seasons (League 2 to Premiership) to fit my preferred play style or positional demands.

    Assistant coaches. These could affect the outcomes of training sessions. Want to focus tiki-taka well get a coach that fits that play style to help run training. Want to play defensive counter attack? Get a coach that facilitates that. Again, introducing economics the players has to contend with.

    Sponsorships, let the players sign/re-sign sponsorships. After their current deals expire in game let the player assess their options to generate more money.

    Scouting players should be less player involved. The academy should be fairly self sustaining with only small inputs and scouting destinations set by the player. Maybe allow the player to make individual selection of players, but overall it should be a part of the game that supports your team not requires micromanagement.

    Youth leagues. If a young player needs minutes and isn't loaned out there should be an option outside of the first team to give them playing time. Not as consequential play time but something to continue progression. A U23 league for youths, fringe and returning injured players to play in week-in and week-out. This is great potential for chemistry, by teaching new players the system.

    Local supporter engagement, host events to increase match day attendance, which creates TV viewership, which leads to larger market share, which leads to larger sponsor deals, which leads to larger transfers, which allows smaller teams to grow. Kind of like how it works in the real world.

    Merchandising, have a few different selection to create the catalog of clothes. Generate revenue through the club shops. Possibly even open up shops in neighboring towns and other countries to create brand awareness and other potentially scouting related factors. Seeing the different items you sell show up in the stands could be a neat way to materialize this in-game. Later sell an add-on to create your own items with some pattern and color layers and templates.

    Every nation should be in the game. Either as just a nationality to scout from and never get a national team, and have places be scout-able; worth certain amounts of economic points; and a business operations manager that can be hired and told to do specific actions. Or put every national team int he game and proliferate national team coaching aspect to be more involved in the training sessions, and again importantly, chemistry.

    Player revolt potential. Give players with personality issues, or ones that clash with other often, or are leaders, calm personalities or any other type to interact within the dressing room. This would hep to complicate the chemistry formula.

    Increased contract negotiable clauses. Loanees should have play time requirements if you are a much larger club looking to loan for experience. Multiple loan buy options at the end of each year during a two-year loan. Longer contracts. Precontract negotiations similar to the one Naby Keita was signed on. FFP panels, would be an interesting tactic. This could open up shady business practices that you could be caught doing and be fined, penalized or fired. Make teams be financially solvent, and comply with FFP. Roll-over budget totals from year to year. Do not restart it every year, this kills strategic planning. Clauses that do not allow certain clubs to come in for them, or for certain clubs to pay certain amounts (ex: written in EPL tax). This would then give the option for players to have preferred clubs and destinations. Set a wage structure. Something like placing incentive based clauses in your club across the board and making that a sticking point during negotiations of new players. a kind of penalty for keeping wages low on under performing players.

    Satellite clubs. If the team is big enough and developed a large enough fund to create a partnership with a much smaller side in terms of branding (MCFC style) or loans (CFC style). Help ensure that young players are in leagues and playing regularly without having to float them on the market. Potentially dictate what formation they play, or find a club that play how similar to your team. Again, feeding chemistry. Possibly hire the coaches from there or stock them with your old assistants you upgrade. The ability to have multiple of these would be great to ensure players of different quality levels are in an appropriate league. IT would also possibly get places to sell fringe players or lesser youth players to create greater influence and marketing in those areas.

    Here is a crazy idea that I think would be huge. Player customization of chants. Find a way to turn popular songs into crowds chanting. Then input specific player/players into the lyrics. Common phrases, descriptions and words about positions should be available to insert as well. As you play your supporters will sign about your current players. Thus creating even more player interaction, and possibly satisfaction.

  • Don't know if this has been mentioned before but for a future update or fifa 20
    It would be great if when you start a new career you can start with the team you pick in their current league position and date live to when you start. For instance right now I could pick let's say Fulham and try and save them from relagaton or pick liverpool and try and keep them in the champions league and stay top of the prem. This would help keep the game fresh and current throughout the season.
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    After over 500 suggestions the poll is now live. Thank you to everyone who has given suggestions.

    I'm going to lock this thread for now and will unlock it when the poll closes.

    You can find the poll here.
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