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    I have a question for Alastair..What's the meaning of this thread? Talk about how you would like the career mode without talking about the problems that afflict the gameplay that makes sense? There is no realistic career mode without realistic offline gameplay. If one plays at high difficulty levels as a legend or ultimate all teams (including those of league two) play like Barcelona ... To have a realistic career first of all you have to have statistics of the players and styles of realistic teams play. EA is this willing to implement it in the game or not?
    Is EA sports willing to take a step towards simulation or not? Also publishing next year the umpteenth game dominated by the dynamic difficulty and slides and talk about improvements in career does not make sense. Prior has clearly said that career mode no longer interests Ea, so what are we talking about?
  • Please add loans with option to buy
  • Here are some tiny changes I think would be really helpful:

    • Bring back the injury list: we used to be able to look at all the injuries in our squad and other squads, now we can’t.

    • Bring back Predicted XIs. We used to be able to know what team our opponents would line up in, and when that was removed, we could see the Predicted XIs in the news articles. Now we have nothing.

    • Let us choose what jersey our goalkeepers wear. Also let us choose our team’s shirt and shorts/socks individually. I play with Milan and so many kit clashes would be avoided by making the goalkeeper wear another color of jersey (as is the case in real life), as well as wearing black shorts and socks with the red&black home shirt.

    I’m not sure how easy or hard these changes are to implement but this career mode addict would love them, and the other suggestions here as well!
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    Paracelsus wrote: »
    Here are some tiny changes I think would be really helpful:

    • Bring back the injury list: we used to be able to look at all the injuries in our squad and other squads, now we can’t.

    • Bring back Predicted XIs. We used to be able to know what team our opponents would line up in, and when that was removed, we could see the Predicted XIs in the news articles. Now we have nothing.

    • Let us choose what jersey our goalkeepers wear. Also let us choose our team’s shirt and shorts/socks individually. I play with Milan and so many kit clashes would be avoided by making the goalkeeper wear another color of jersey (as is the case in real life), as well as wearing black shorts and socks with the red&black home shirt.

    I’m not sure how easy or hard these changes are to implement but this career mode addict would love them, and the other suggestions here as well!

    Since they've done it before and they're EA with massive resources, they're definitely possible. Madden allows you to change the colour of shorts/socks. I have to say, the change of kits from the PL-Championship has made it look a lot more uniform across the league rather than Crewe having League 2 kits and badges.

    Though I'd like to have a kit editor. Especially for career mode as it's frustrating that I have the exact same kits from year to year.

    I'd like to see more transfers from teams being relegated. Very often you'll see teams selling a lot of players in an attempt to reduce wage budgets for the Championship in England and also teams buying the relegated players. I'm sure if Brighton were to be relegated, players like Pascal Gross would be a good option for PL teams and would be sold.

    Slightly related to that, I'd like to see Financial Fair Play implemented so that requires teams to sell those players to reduce wage budgets in the Championship etc as opposed to keeping highly paid players in the team.

    I'd like to see staffing expanded. For example, you could have scouts for Youth Academy and have Academy coaches and those prospects could be added into the Under 23s.

    Under 23 teams would allow the Checkatrade Trophy to be implemented correctly instead of the old format and allows for a Under 23 Premier League/Champions League etc.
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    I would like a Serie A more graphically realistic: in the Cm if you win the championship and the Italian cup The following year in the jerseys you have neither the Scudetto nor the cockpit of the Italian cup, while in the other European Championships is in UCL if you win the year next you have the emblem of the champions .. it's ridiculous this thing !! Also in the game there are not the official Serie A captain bands as happens in PL, nn the custom bands are more used. In the game during the entry in the field and the greeting of the players miss the official arc of Serie A present in reality as in PL, Ligure 1, La Liga. Also in the game the ball used for the Serie A games has anchors the Football logo A. Ea Sports did a really bad job, with the arrival of CR7 we were hoping for more attention to detail. I hope they can fix it with an update as soon as possible because we are all disappointed
  • 1) Being able to give your team a third kit. Sometimes your team has a home kit and away kit that is too similar. I.e. Forest's away kit is white shirt and red shorts. When you play against other teams who play in red/white there is too much of a colour clash.

    2) Like others have mentioned before, being able to take control of the other transfers that happen. In the 2nd season Barcelona had NINE right backs, five of which were first team quality players (Walker, Hysaj, Semedo, Coleman, Sergi Roberto). This is just stupid.

    Or at least EA should implement a synchronised system so that if Barcelona do sign Kyle Walker, that City replace him adequately, because in my save City sold Walker/Danilo and don't replace them. Chelsea also sold Alonso/Emerson/Baba Rahman and were left with a 19 year old left back as their only choice. This is just poor on ea's behalf.

    3) being able to create a custom manager would be great. Don't see why not as we can create a player. Another idea is to be able to choose from a list of ex-players to have as your manager, people like Thierry Henry, John Terry amongst others. Rather than having the generic ones we currently have.

    4) Youth academy players need their names sorting out. I mentioned it earlier in the thread before I actually played the new game. But it's still an issue. You get blonde haired white players with Korean and Arabian names, absolutely poor again from EA. We should be able to edit this if we want.

    5) cut scenes are a bit repetitive. "It's been a pleasure, until the next time, take care" or you get the usual "my player wants a 1 year contract". Trying to swap a player is a hassle, you offer them a winger and they say 'sorry but we are looking for a goalkeeper, a full back or a WINGER", I've just offered you a damn winger lol!

    6) being able to edit the goalkeeper kit if it's generic. Pretty much all the gk kit's in league 1 and 2 are generic. Looks a bit tinpot when you get them promoted to the premier league and your keeper has that generic kit. If they are too lazy to give all teams a gk kit, then they could just add generic kit templates from Adidas/Nike etc.

    7) "thanks for playing me from time to time boss, really appreciate it" says the youth player who I haven't even played lol. These player conversations are a bit boring, if I want to play you I will thanks pal.

    8) TURN OFF INTERNATIONAL JOB OFFERS. No thanks I don't fancy managing Bolivia whilst also being the Huddersfield manager. Should have the option to turn this on/off.

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    Top priority for me has to be increasing the difficulty. I'm playing on Ultimate and it's silly how easy it is. I create tons of chances and average ~4 goals per match. It's at the point now where I don't feel compelled to play CM. And I'm only an above average player online while I only win about half my matches in FUT Squad Battles on Legendary, so this isn't me tooting my own horn.

    Next top priority for me is to add a pre-match scouting feature to better utilize the new tactical system. It's kinda pathetic that we sorta have this in FUT but not in CM. We should be notified - maybe with an assistant coach feature - before each match with a scouting report on the team we're about to play so we can set up our team accordingly.

    Next most important, they gotta fix/tweak form. As it is now, form is like cheat mode. Once you get on it, your players are OP and it's way too easy to stay on good form for the entire season.

    Another priority, we need reason to rotate our squad. Injuries aren't frequent enough. Stamina and fitness hardly play a role. And there should be something like player stories or something else influencing player form and encouraging us to sit and rotate players.

    Last, though this is a big one, I'd like for the CPU to be better at making pre-match tactical adjustments. A bottom level team should adjust how they setup if I'm a top team, and vice versa if I'm a lower level team playing a top team, the opposition should set out its team accordingly.

    There's more (plenty more), but those are at the top of my wishlist right now.
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    My wish list to improve my career are all things Ea could update but are too lazy to do so.

    1) All the Top Players with overall from 75 onwards with a custom or scanned face.

    2) More details for top teams in Europe.

    3) To allow coaches to be modified, it makes no sense to have an avatar on the bench without identity, or to give the possibility to use the real coaches present in FIFA.

    4) Give the possibility to change at least the faces of generic players.

    5) More details and atmosphere in important matches in the derby.

    6) Patch also for the the Champions of the Serie A and of the cups, bands of the official captains also for the series A.

    7) Possibility to combine the uniforms of a team with each other.

    8) Re-enter the possibility to use the real chants of the teams as in fifa12 / 13.

    9)Redemption price for players on loan

    10)Possibility of being able to manage the transfer market of the teams in order to have more real transfers and more balanced teams.

    11)Manage the prices of the tickets matches.

    12)Possibility to edit and manage World Cup and Euro Cup for national teams.

    13) Possibility of being able to choose the stadiums for the Champions League, Europa League and Uefa Super Cup finals.

    14) Piu cut scenes during the matches and in the post-race.

    15) Pes style update to add faces.

    I think that in these 15 points there are the basics to be able to improve the career mode.

  • In player career, I'd like to be able to sign a contract for a dollar amount and term and then be able to renegotiate based on performance or go somewhere else. When I get on a team that fits my style etc., I don't want to have to leave in order to get paid. I don't understand why contacts are not a part of the player career.
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    New League table and Tournament tree are good.
    I hope Design of Player stats and Team stats also will be changed.

    And Goal Difference must be added to League Table. It's essential.

    Sorting was good feature to find most defencive team or most scored team etc.
    It was removed since FIFA 15. I hope sorting will back.

    Squad Hub(Squad Ranking+Squad Report) of Club and National Team is also needed to Player Career Mode.
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    I would like to see four things:
    1. Be able to customize your manager more. Its been the same boring options for the last three years.
    2. Have a connected franchise (ex. Madden), where you and your friends each control a team in any given league, and you can battle for transfers and fight for league titles and cups.
    3. Be able to create your own stadium for your club.
    4. Have the ability to earn sponsors and the better your club does, the better sponsors/more money you get.
  • 1) home and away tables please.
    2) the throw in will be made by lateral players or let to choose the player.
    3) advantage law is bad. So many times the team of the foul is injured.
    4) the goalkeepers seems superman sometimes. Its no realistic.
    5) the shirt color of the goalkeepers many times are equal of the color shirt of the opposite team.
    6) more fouls! Its no realistic the game.
  • Her Sene aynı kariyer modunu, Oyuna hiçbir etkisi olmayan birkaç ufak süslemelerle hazırlayıp önümüze koyuyorlar.Bir de bu yetmezmiş gibi oyunu iyice ağırlaştırmışlar.Gerçekçilik hiçbir yanı yok.Muhtemelende bu son fifa alışım olacak.Oyun sadece FUT üzerine kurulmuş,kariyeri öylesine ekleyen ve oynayanları düşünmeyen bir yapıyla bizlere sunuyorlar.Özellikle şu eskimiş düşüncelerin değişmesi gerekli;

    1) İlk onbir kadrosunun yedekleri on kişi olmalı. (Gerçekte de böyle çünkü)

    2) Her rakip karşınızda Barcelona gibi oynamamalı.Büyük takımlarla küçük takımlar oynanışta farkedilebilmeli.

    3) Genç takım oyuncularına özel ayrı bir antrenman modu açılmalı.Burada en fazla seçebileceğimiz 5 genç oyuncuya antrenman yaptırabilmeliyiz.Şu an ki antrenman modunu ise gelişmiş futbolculara görev değişikliği için çalıştırabilmeliyiz.

    4) Her ülkenin kendi yabancı oyuncu kontenjanına göre oyuncu alınmalıdır.

    5) EA Sports'un , Fifa 18'in en son güncellemesinden sonra Fifa 19'da da devam eden bir şey var ki bunun hiç farkında bile değiller.Kariyer modunda rakibe ne kadar sert girerseniz girin top rakipteyken hakem oyunu devam ettirip pozisyon bittiğinde oyuncunuz sarı kart görmesi gerekirken görmüyor.Aynı şeyi rakibiniz yaptığında pozisyon bittiğinde sarı kart görüyor.Farkında mısınız???

    Şimdilik aklıma gelenler bunlar,Umarım Kariyer modu sevenlerinin söylediklerini dikkate alırsınız...
  • Great list!

    I love The game but

    Transfers has to be more realistic!
    I do the same thing every version of Fifa. I sign players in the January window. Which is OK. However I can sign superstars to my team in League 2. So now Crewe have players like Sterling, Fakir, Martial. And also...The budget doesn't change att all.
    Please fix this!
    And of course players should decline bids from bad teams. It's just not realistic as it is now.
  • This thread is exactly what I was looking for and the points that I will suggest down below I really think will make career mode more fun, realistic and just better overall. (Everything below is for Manager Career only).

    - Be able to play a 'Live Sim'. Meaning that alongside the quick sim, you get to take control of the managerial side of the team while having the same amount of 'time' that you would have just like when you control the whole team. (For example, you could have the actual game playing and all the managerial option around the game so you don't have to pause it, you could make individual player calls, ie "Marcelo, Push up" or "Dybala, drop back").

    - Create a new training mode called 'Team Training' where you can either set team training manually from options like Defensive Training, Attacking Training, Set Pieces from Corners, etc. or get your Assistant Manager to automatically do it for you (non playable). The point of this is to add realism and it's just meant to be not a useless add-on but to add realism.
    - Also, keep the existing training but make it less OP and call it 'Advanced Training'.

    - Make press-conference similar to The Journey but make them optional to attend.
    - You could also call a player in to say if they are performing well or not and can tell them either hot/cold/balanced. Not necessary to use just a cool little aesthetic.

    - Have 1 or 2 youth squads (U21, U18, etc) were you can hire/fire managers or even take control of them yourself. The youth squad competes in a league against other teams in your league but there is no reward except that your youth players get game time (take note that EA haven't changed the youth system since FIFA 14). Also existing players can move between the youth squads as well.
    - Also, when scouting young players, make it similar to when you get your scouts to search for a player to sign.
    - Being able to scout every nation in the world
    - Prices based off distance not quality

    - Be able manage just a nation
    - add youth national teams only for nations with a league.

    - Add realistic growth, ie, if they are younger, their physical stats develop faster, if they are older, their mental stats improve. Also, more realistic growth and 'de-growth'.
    - Depending on the players form add or minus their potential by 1-10.
    - At the start of each season, the positions on each player, change to the positions to that they played last season. (for example; if C. Ronaldo played LM, LW and ST in season 1, those said positions will be his positions for the next season). The game might have to slightly change a few stats to make said player the same rating (just like FIFA in real life).
    - Or even throughout the season do not have development, just have form and at the start of each season, have their rating based on form and what league their in. When a team gets promoted, the whole team gets an upgrade and vis-virsa.

    - Add a couple of women league and have a women's career mode option.
    - Create a club mode where at the start you can create or import your badge, create your uniform (you get to pick a sponsor at the start and either renew or get a new one every season), stadium (you can ask the board to upgrade the stadium at anytime), and even your players if you wish or 'transfer'them from other teams. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS FUT!
    - Also, online mode where you and your friends pick teams from the same country and 'battle' it out.

    - Be able to customise your manager from face to height to body type and attire.

    - Add basic realistic league rules for each of the leagues (for example, for Hyundai A-League, add the foreign players rule and for Athelico Bilbao, you can only sign Basque players.)

    - Players can change nationality if possible
    - Longer career mode, even infinite.
    - Be able to see other leagues and teams stats for players so you know who is in good form and who to sign.
  • The international offers are way too easy to get, this needs to be the pinnacle of the career and not offers every other week.

    A contract renewal that actually works! Still errors where you cannot renew when it’s under 1 year

    Stadium and sponsor designs would be good

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    I think there should be some important factors to take into account retirement.
    example of Ibrahimovic.

    a 37-year-old player, played 42 league games, 12 in the World Cup, was a shortstop in all competitions, and in the league was the best scorer.
    at the end of the season was with general of 84 with encouragement of "very happy"

    and yet there was "retirement at the end of the season" ....

    some previous fifas the player thought of aponsetar, more when it continued useful the team, he made new contractor, of course like the natural losing physical attributes, more gaining tactical intelligence.

    should also according to the physical requirement of the games you gain some sequences of injuries, even quantir characteristics of "Favorable to injury".

    if it was this way Ibrahimovic would be appearing on my team at 45 with general 60, it would be wonderful this.

    Is this just dream or can it be reality?
  • Career mode needs a buy option for loan players.
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    1. Job security, Fan support and Team chemistry

    Was in the older FIFA games and would be a great thing to bring back. There where Icons for Job security, Fan support and team chemistry. Depending on your success they can be high/low. When starting your first job you should start with low chemistry as you’re an inexperienced manager.

    As your career goes on your success will impact how the team/fans see you. If you’ve joined Ipswich after getting West Brom relegated, then naturally the fans and players will need proving why you’re the right person for the job. And then if you’ve just won the champions league with Barca and moved to Arsenal, then you give the club and fans confidence and trust you to be successful.

    In past FIFA’s you were able to move clubs at the end of the season and for some strange reason you no longer can’t. This needs to be re-added as a Manager is more likely to join a club whilst still employed in the summer rather than during the season.

    2. Upgradeable club staff
    This was present in the Playstaion2/Xbox versions and even on the PS3/360. For some reason it was removed even though it’s a great feature to use even in today’s game. The concept was that each club has club staff that can be upgraded using Money from the transfer budget given to the manager. The higher the level the more money it costs for them to be upgraded. These staff have impacts in different areas of the club’s management:

    Coaches – Improves the rate at which the players overall and stats increase. For older players it could slow down the rate at which their overall/stats decline.

    Negotiator - Should affect the chances of being able to submit offers to top players. For example, Man United would have a level 9/10 so therefore offers can be made for any player. Whereas Everton might have a level 6/7 so it would prevent them from signing high profile players from the bigger clubs in the world.

    Scout – This should affect the quality of scouts available to hire for the scouting network. Having level 10 would me there are always 4-5 star scouts ready to be hired.

    Medical team – Reduces the amount of injuries as well as the duration in which players are out of action.

    Stadium Manager – This should impact the amount of tickets you sell for home games. Most EFL clubs and some premier league clubs, will fail to fill up their ground.

    Pitch conditions – Stadium Manager
    It should also affect the quality of the pitch, for example Real Madrid would have a level 10 Stadium Manager which insures their pitch is always immaculate even in the winter months, where as lower league teams in league 1 and 2 would have a low level, meaning the pitch would be more worn out in winter. This should influence gameplay, on a pitch with poor conditions it should be more difficult to shoot, pass and influence a player’s first touch and ability to control the ball.

    This would be amazing for League cup/ FA cup matches. Teams like Man City would have to adapt their tactics and find it difficult to play the way they would at home, if they went to a Newport or Grimsby. It could also increase the risk of players getting injured much like in real life. It should be an uncomfortable experience for players who are managing top clubs, having to go to smaller clubs that have less resources and quality in almost every area adding more drama to the matches.

    3. Visual Sim
    Another feature from the older FIFA’s, this allowed you to watch the game in a Football Manager style. You could watch the commentary and be able to switch tactics and sub players. The key element of this feature was being able to intervene and be able to play the match at any point. This would be a HUGE re-addition to career mode, seeing Liverpool losing 1-0 at home to Watford and being able to do nothing about it would be over.

    4. Interviews and scenarios
    Also, from the old FIFA’s this was a great concept that again was crazily removed. You’d be asked questions and would have different responses, these responses could affect your Job security, Fan support and Team chemistry. It could also affect your team’s fitness and could even see players getting injured. It meant that you as the player could influence what happens not just on the pitch, but off it as well.

    5. Social media feed CM+ Be a pro
    This is a feature we’ve seen used in the journey, where you see tweets related to Alex Hunter. Fans and pundits as well as players can be seen tweeting things. This could be great in Career mode as if you’re playing bad you could see Fans and pundits criticizing you, and the thoughts about results/ signings. There could also be transfer rumours regarding buying/selling players. If you were Chelsea it could say how Madrid want Hazard, or if a player turns down a new contract it should be seen how the fans react and what the press are saying about it.

    6. Interviews – CM + BE A PRO
    Again, seen in The Journey, we were able to participate in interviews, this is something that in my own opinion is a JOKE in the current career mode. All you can do is motivate or unnerve players and managers. I’d like to see a press conference when you first join a team, where you can tell the press what your goals are for the club and where you expect the team to finish in the league/cups. This is something revolutionary for career mode. Much like what I said earlier from the previous games, your answers can influence your board and fan support, as well as effecting chemistry and individual players morale. As for in Be a pro. A lot of the core elements from the journey should be usable in be a pro, such as training, manager meetings and interviews. Even if there is no voice audio like in the transfer negotiations it is still far superior than the current career mode.

    7. Cup draws
    I was disappointed with the Champions league draw animation in this years Career mode. It would be amazing to see a cutscene of the whole draw being made that you could chose to skip. It would make it a tense experience for the player. This can also be for all cups, being in the Fa cup with Yeovil and getting drawn against one of the big teams would be a great to watch just like you do in real life. Something simple that can make career mode feel more in-depth and realistic.

    Other needed features:
    Players being cup-tied from competitions – This would mean buying a player in January would require you to way up the options. Buying a player like Benzema for Man United could be risky if you are hoping to win the Champions league. This is a real-life scenario that teams go through every season.
    • Challenge mode – This would mean you can only join teams below 3 ½ stars and work your way up to the bigger clubs through success with lower teams. This was used in FIFA’s 05 and 06 and would be a refreshing experience for most Career mode players.
    Loan Players playing against parent club – This is something that I always found annoying throughout the FIFA series. For example, Liverpool play Derby in the Fa Cup but Harry Wilson is playing for Derby despite being a Liverpool player. This is something that needs fixing to give the mode more realism
    • Being able to just manage a National team
    • Being able to purchase Classic stadiums from the EASFC Store – In the PS2 FIFAs you could buy Highbury in the fan shop. Stadiums like Highbury, White Hart Lane, Maine Road and the Delle Alpi. Another cool feature would be to have Stadiums like Anfield, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and the Bernabeu from diffrent eras to be used in Ultimate Team.
  • leifur99 wrote: »
    - To be able to train players to different positions
    - To be able to auto train players over seasons instead of weekly
    - To be able to choose a workload on training

    - Bring back visual sim, able to jump in and play at any moment
    - Bring back request funds
    - Bring back sponsors

    -Create a club mode, create a badge, stadium and kits
    - Draft mode, Example, Premier League draft, i am wolves and have the 3rd pick, so i get to pick the third player (only players from the premier league if you start the mode there)
    - Owner mode, hire and fire managers, build stadiums, relocate etc...
    - One season mode, you get one season with a club then on to the next one
    - Online or Co-Op career mode
    - International mode

    - Short press conferences with answer possibilities
    - Interaction with players, able to answer them if they want to leave
    - Interact with the board, request funds, request new stadium

    - Older players will not drop down as quick
    - Players being overtrained doesn't harm their physicals
    - Players that play more grow more, (loan actually helps then)
    - More even goalkeeper growth
    - Players have minimum growth not maximum growth

    - Burnley and Arsenal should not play the same type of football
    - If you stay at one club for more then 5 years you get to rename the stadium
    - being able to request for a interview at a club
    - Being able to get youth players from every country in the world
    - In the squad hub you can see a players career, where he has played and goals each season

    - Not as easy to get a job offer
    - You can start off as a international manager
    - U19 U21 teams you can manage as well
    - Being able to train players
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    I've seen a few comments about being cup tied. Been saying it for years, needed to be added, however the rule doesn't exist now, if play champions league for Barca then move to Juventus in Jan can still play champions league now. Was new this season
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    This is a post I'm going to be working on for a while whenever I get 5 minutes in work (I get a lot of 5 minutes).

    What follows is a total re-think of Career Mode. From the very beginning to the very end......

    If you cannot be bothered reading past the first 3 lines then the only real take out is FREEDOM. Give us back our FREEDOM. Stop with all of the stupid arbitrary restrictions that prevent us from editing stuff in the game. A Career Mode is SINGLE PLAYER. So that ONE PLAYER should be able to do whatever they like with the game.

    It's 2019. Most of this should be achievable. It will actually be less time consuming but much more in depth and far less superficial and frustrating than the current Career Mode.


    When you click on Career Mode you're immediately given an "Options" screen. This allows you to create the mode anyway you like; whatever rules you like, whatever structure you like, whatever restrictions you like (e.g. you can turn on or off the Restart button if you don't trust yourself) or you can lock editing (if you don't trust yourself not to steal Ronaldo). Whatever.

    For example, we should be able to change the very structure of the leagues. Let's say there's only two divisions for Italy; Serie A and Serie B. Well we decide that we want to take Ligue 2, League 1 and League 2 and turn them into Serie C; Groups A to C. We now have a complete Italian football league (well sort of).

    That sounds like a lot of work but we can edit later (see below).

    We also now decide how many teams we want promoted and relegated, if we want play-offs or play-outs and how many teams we want to qualify to European competitions and qualification rules for different countries. We decide the transfer market (if we want to bring it forward like in Italy). The time of the Super Cups. Everything.

    We need to be given as many options in relation to rules as the human mind is capable of conceiving of. Handballs (on or off), offside (on or off), match day squad sizes (11-30), match lengths, extra time, pens, referee strictness, the number of cards for suspensions, injuries (ok we can do this). Again, whatever.

    The only restriction should be any issue that would undermine the integrity of the game, as in prevent it from functioning.


    I am going jump forward for a second and talk about editing.

    There will be an editing section in the main section of the Career Mode which will give the player full access to all editing options during the Career Mode. The player can edit other teams, create new players, transfer players between teams, move managers, change other team's tactics. Whatever.

    But also we will not even need to go into edit mode to change things. Just like when you rename a document on your computer we should just be able to click on something and edit right there and then. So if we decide to create a full Italian league we can just edit the other teams' names, colours and players as we go along.

    Choose Manager

    Here we just copy Football Manager. They've done it. We create any profile we like, even use a real photo if you're that egotistical. Let's have fun. FUN and FREEDOM.

    And we're going to need to give ourselves attributes because there's coaches! So, again, goes a close to Football Manager as you can possibly go without getting sued.

    Cut Scene

    Ok we're off......the game is loading.......and it starts.....first cut scene....(which we can skip).....

    A film where you the manager walks into the chairman's office and there's 5 pre-programmed story lines:

    a) if you're taking over a world class side the chairman will talk about dominating Europe;
    b) if you're taking over a top side the chairman will talk about challenging for the title;
    c) if you're taking over a top half side the chairman will talk about qualifying for Europe;
    d )if you're taking over a bottom half side the chairman will talk about staying up;
    e )if you're taking over a lower division side the chairman will talk about going up.

    The chairman then says he's going to introduce you to the media and you are brought through to a room with flash photography and questions. These are pre-programmed and standard questions where you talk about how you are looking forward to a long and successful career.

    The chairman then says he's going to introduce you to the players. He walks you through the stadium (the bigger stadiums will feature iconic memorabilia or trophy cabinets etc) and then down to the changing room and puts his hand on the door handle and goes to open the door and it ends.......

    You're straight into Career Mode......


    We have the followings menus:

    a) Squad;
    b) Fixtures;
    c) Competitions;
    d) Tactics;
    e) Training;
    f) Transfers;
    g) Staff
    h) Board;
    i) Youth Team
    j) My Career
    k) Editing (see above).


    This menu give you access to everything related to the squad. My preference would be to actually keep this quite to the point rather than getting too into the Football Manager style.

    So for me we should see:

    i) players;
    ii) positions;
    iii) age;
    iv) nationality;
    v) home grown status;
    vi) contract end date;
    vii) form;
    viii) condition;
    ix) moral;
    x) stats (divided between the different competitions and a overall stats and historical stats for players).

    In this window you can action certain things e.g. speak to players, discipline them, transfer list them, put them on loan list, terminate their contracts, put them on specific training regimes etc.

    This doesn't need to be as detailed as Football Manager and each option needs to add genuine value to the experience.

    b) Fixtures

    You have a choice between a Calendar view or a list view.

    Whichever you choose this allows you to create fixtures (e.g. pre-season friendlies), view upcoming fixtures, re-arrange fixtures and also it highlights different records (e.g. if you're unbeaten in a certain number of games or have not conceded a goal).

    In this window you will be able to move fixtures around to suit your preference e.g. move the Super Cup to any time of the year or the World Cups to January or, what's the word, whatever.

    c) Competitions

    There will be two views: My Competitions and All Competitions.

    The former will be just the competitions that you're involved and the latter gives you access to the entire universe including lower divisions or whatever.

    Here you can also access players stats like leading goalscorers and assists.

    d). Tactics

    Would require its own post but let's just say, this would give us access to all tactical options available in the game including those in the training.

    e). Training

    Here you can set: Team Training e.g. fitness, defence, attack, set pieces etc and Individual Training e.g. positions and specific stats.

    You can also run training sessions. Not the weird one's they do in FIFA. Actually training sessions from free training to practicing free kicks and penalties. And here we'll also take the game to the next level.

    In training you will be able to stop the game at any stage and move the players to where you want them to be and this will then form part of a strategy which you can use in matches. This is such a simple idea I have no idea why it's not already been done but it would change the gameplay beyond recognition.

    Also you will be able to set up a set piece any way you like including deciding who goes forwards, who stays back, if you someone on one or two posts or no posts and you can decide between man marking or zonal and set up runs for attacking set pieces. This again then gets transferred into the matches.

    f) Transfers

    This is where you do all things transfers. If it exists in real life it should be in the game. End of. You should be able to negotiate and put in any terms you like. Just sit down for 5 minutes with someone in the game and you'll have it covered.

    But the three things a transfer market needs more than anything is:

    a) budget pressure (see below under Board);
    b) time pressure - e.g. transfer window and also other teams signing targets;
    c) the prisoner's dilemma - what are you going to pay?

    There needs to be real tension in the game. No cutscenes like in the current Career Mode negotiations. They take away the urgency and the tension of negotiations. Once you sign a player, yeah, let's have a cutscene (which you can skip) with the player holding the jersey etc). That might be something but not during the cut threat negotiations.

    Oh, and obviously, since you can edit anything, if you're not happy with a CPU transfer or think that there are not enough transfers then you just do these yourself.

    g) Staff

    Here you can review, search for and hire new staff including coaches, physios and scouts.

    Like Football Manager different coaches have different attributes and the better the coaches the more your players will improve and the less injuries they will have.

    Equally if you decide to invest in better physios (see below) then you can reduce your injuries.

    Meanwhile you can hire scouts and set them up to scout different countries and look for different characteristics.. There should be virtually no restrictions where you can send them or for how long.

    h) Board

    Personally I'm not a fan of board interactions. They're a bit tedious, repetitive and often the outcomes can be irrational e.g. you've just won the Champions League but they won't give you an extra $100,00 to sign Ronaldo....

    For me I'd keep it to one thing - money. There's four things you can spend your budget on:

    a) transfers - if you want to sign players;
    b) wages - if you want to keep players;
    c) staff - if you want to develop players or hire physios and scouts;
    d) projects - if you want to develop a new training ground or stadium.

    You've got four sliders and you adjust them to whichever priority you want to give them.

    i) Youth Teams

    The game should ideally of real life youth teams. If you can afford the image rights for Messi and Ronaldo you afford the image rights to some randomer in a youth team.

    For some reason the playable games like FIFA and PES have very limited database. I'm not sure if there's a technical reason for this but if there is, and only if there is, then we can have random names but every team should start with at least 16 youth team players and you should be able to organise a match at any time during the season with the youth team and even take them over.

    Ideally there should be youth team leagues and competitions but again if this is not technically feasible then fine just give us proper youth teams.

    We will also of course be able to create our own players.

    We could cheat and boost their stats or else we could play the game develop players using the tools available. Whatever it's up to the player.

    j) My Career

    This gives you access to your stats, the management leaderboard and allows you to resign, apply for other jobs or retire.

    Press Conferences

    Now I'm not a fan of these but obviously a lot of people want these.

    Generally in a game you actually play like FIFA (as opposed to Football Manager) I don't think these should influence how your team players because that just messes with the gameplay (and I don't think we're there yet technology wise).

    So it'll be a fairly superficial exercise. Why not have a cutscene (which you can skip) with pre or post-match or in the tunnel interviews and questions where you can write (or speak) any answer you like?

    Swear words, whatever, it's the mutterings of a lunatic who is playing by themselves pretending to be a football manager.

    Loading Screens

    They need to get rid of the training in during the match loading screens and this should instead be an animation of a TV studio where they make fairly generic commentary on the game (much like in real life). It would get in the mood!


    There needs to be the full list of trophies and awards that you get in real life. Have them all monthly and annual player and team awards, a goal of the season with actual videos of the goals that you can watch and for the World Player of the Year footage of goals that player scored.

    When you win a title there should be a massive cutscene showing the celebrations on the pitch, the trophy being lofted and even the bus driving through the streets. Make it big.


    This used to be the pinnacle of a manager's career but nowadays it can be a manager's first job. Nonetheless there is nobody I can think of who does the two jobs.

    My preference would be that this job does not get offered to you until you are successful and you should be able to just be an international manager without being a club manager (in my game you will be able to be multiple managers so a second manager could take over).

    If you really want to be an international manager you could apply or create a second manager who is an international manager.

    Other Managers

    I don’t care whether the other managers are licensed or not but they should move clubs and when they move teams should change tactics.

    Different managers should have different attributes, characteristics and tendencies e.g. to sign lots or few players.


    Last but not least the game should go on forever. Unless there is a valid technical reason the game should go on forever and ever with no limit in the number of seasons.

    The end.
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  • Ten000_days
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    Player career mode needs to be overhauled ... make the Journey a career mode with the freedom to pick how our player looks and our own name ... tattoos need to be put in ... there should not be a cap of only 5 traits ... and why do AI players get traits that can’t be used ??

    On the current player career you do not get the achievements for winning the league ... I am a forward and have won the league the last 2 seasons and have not gotten the achievement points in each category that has that ... fix this as certain ratings my player has should be higher ... this should be able to be fixed in a patch
  • I would love to have fans mosaics creator. Or at least bvb mosaic vs malaga 2013 cl

  • As a regular consumer of Fifa I would like to see some things.

    Career mode DT
    1) That in the career mode (DT) is more consistent in terms of the computer, which large teams like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City are more difficult to win and with all due respect, do not arrive a second division team and be much better.

    2) When they want to buy a player to ask for a player in exchange, not always give it. That is also more real in the way of buying and selling, that the player does not want to go to a club because he does not like the country or does not like the style or simply believes that the team is not so good for him. And finally, when a player is added to the transfer list, offers arrive.

    Career mode as a player

    1) To be able to personalize the player more, to put tattoos, accessories, more hairstyles.

    2) Be able to request to join a specific club.

    3) Apply the face scans

    4) Give a press conference

    I understand that EA is very focused on Ultimate Team but there are many people who enjoy the racing modes, do not forget about us
  • Disappointing. Thats all i can say about career mode this year. Here are a few things I want to see next year.

    1) Sponsors. Pretty self explanatory. It would be nice to sign your own sponsorship deals and they would spice up the kits which dont change at the moment.

    2) Kit Editor. Based on your sponsor, u should be able to make changes to ur kit. Nothing drastic, just the ability to maybe add a stripe or dots or something and the AI should change as well.

    3) Stadium Upgrades. Also self explanatory.

    4) Generally more things to spend money on. Currently u can only spend money on players and scouts which is pretty bad when ur not in the transfer window. I wanna be able to hire stuff ( medics, doctors, coaches, trainers etc.) and i wanna be able to upgrade facilities ( trainig facilities and medical facilities etc.), just more things to buy and think about.

    5) The AI 1st time shooting is too overpowered. This needs to be fixed. Literally every 1st time shot, no matter who the player is is finding the top corner.

    6) Blocking is too overpowered. U cant take long shots anymore coz theres always a **** player that will fly outta nowhere and block 2, maybe 3 in a row.

    7) AI transfer r still to unrealistic

    8) Small teams play like barca and big teams play like derby

    9) Stats should last more than one season. When Im looking for players to sign, I want to be able to see how they have played in previous seasons.

    10) I want to see player stats for players that r out on loan

    11) U18, U21, U23 and reserve Leagues. I wanna be able to manage or hire a coach to take teams for the following leagues. Half the time players just arent ready for 1st team football so it would be good to have the those to keep them busy. Then the coach would give a report after each week or month or season.

    12) fixed potentials must go. Players should grow/ decline based on form not potential. Sometimes u can have a 31 year old that scored 33 goals in a season but still declines massively anyway. Or on the other hand u can have a young player that never plays but will still grow massively. Players should improve after 7 games of good form or something like that. Kick off already has this implemented so career mode can have it too.

    13) More manager customization

    14) The abilty to apply for any club or country without having to wait for an offer.

    15) Its too easy to sign players. Someone like Messi isnt gonna move to a club like Arsenal just like that. A player should sign based on performance and how much money is being offered.

    16) Loan to buy offers need to return

    17) Request funds option needs to return

    18) Too many loan and transfer moves out of the club are breaking down

    19) Managers in other clubs are never fired or never retire

    20) Transfer delegations take too long

    21) Not enough players have faces

    22) Unrealistic Youth player faces. Im finding my Youth academy full of black people from asia or white people from brazil. And the names never match the faces or country of origin either.

    23) Youth players should grow taller and bulkier over the years. 16 year olds still have time to grow physically so ya.

    24) Players in general should age and change based on age

    25) The ability to train every stat including skill moves, weak foot and work rates as well as every other stat. Obviously some things must grow slower than others but i wanna be able to train players my way.

    26) Position training. The ability to change a players position.

    27) More cutscenes. The game is currently very bland and the news section is boring. Places that the scenes could be implemented in r press conferences, team talks and post match interviews.

    28) I want player Morale and performance to be affected by things done and said by manager as well as fan and board opinions changing based on the above.

    29) Team chemistry in career mode. When a new player signs they have to take time to build chemistry with the rest of the squad and u as the manager.

    30) For my final point i want AGUEROS FACE TO ACTUALLY EXIST FFS!!!!!

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    Lucasamp wrote: »
    I have a question for Alastair..What's the meaning of this thread?

    It’s so that we can have a single unified community wishlist instead of lots of users making their own individual wish lists. Hopefully it means EA will then use it as a guide for what the community want to build the mode we all want.

    On that note, thanks for all the suggestions so far everyone. I’ll look to put the first poll of the year up later in the week so get any more suggestions in over the next couple of days.
  • There is only one thing I want.
    CM without bugs.
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    This thread is awesome, with so many great suggestions. I really hope EA will read it and make career mode a priority for FIFA 20.


    1. Use a real manager. It should be possible to use one of the scanned managers, when you start a new career. Especially when you start with the specific club, he is actually managing in real life. But I would also like to have the possibility to, for instance, start a new career with Eddie Howe as the newly appointed manager of Manchester United - and use his scanned face for the occation. That would be great, and the Cherries could then do with a generic manager in the meantime. Former players like Lampard, Gerrard, Vieira and Henry must also be in some kind of database and could be used in the game as managers. And perhaps you could take a soon retiring player to be your new manager. How cool could it be to make Zlatan the new manager of his childhood club Malmö FF?

    2. Delegate the training to an assistant. I am getting tired of the training modes. Every time I start a career, I want to make the most out of my team. So I spend hours and hours only on the training modes to develop the players as much as possible. It would really be great to be able to choose which players should be trained without having to do it yourself. Perhaps you could delegate the training to your assistant, and then it would be important to hire a great assistant, because he would make better results and development on the training ground than a poor one. In FIFA 19, all I can do is to simulate the training, but I hate when they receive a D or an F, and then I am back to training the players myself again. And spending hours and hours on that part. Which is quite boring. Now it is also impossible to simulate a few months of a season, as none of the players will receive training in the meantime.

    3. Nurturing talents. When you have a talented academy product in your squad, you should have the option to give him gametime in the youth team to make sure he develops and follows a course to become a top player. Then, at some point, you will need to give him playing time in the first team to ensure his development or loan him out to another club. Perhaps some youth team coach could give you insight about which youth products would benefit from staying in the youth team a while, and which would need first team football to progress. How you handle your youth players should really, really affect how they are progressing towards their possible potential. Perhaps you could choose from former players to join your staff, or retiring players to join you as youth team coaches? For instance picking up a soon retiring Darren Fletcher to join your staff? Perhaps you could even start as a manager of the youth team and earn promotion to the senior squad at some point after the first season? It could be a too big effort to put a youth side on all teams in FIFA. But you could apply a generic team of 14-15 John Does, who will have a low potential, and then start out as a youth team manager with this bunch as well as the youth prospects, your team has. For instance to start out with a Man United youth team with Roshaun Williams, Callum Gribbin, Chong, Gomes etc. sided with a bunch of generic John Does until the manager of the first team gets sacked and you are promoted.

    4. Spending money on other things. Sometimes, when I am in season 2 or 3 in my career, I have generated so much money, that I can buy class players to my team, even though I have chosen a lesser team to play with. Sometimes that is great, but other times I just want to continue with the cheap players that has got me this far and the youth products I have found. Then it should be possible to use the hard-earned money on other things, such as a stadium upgrade, an upgrated training ground, better staff, an upgrated academy etc. Perhaps it should be possible, if you have generated enough wealth, to buy another club, to which you could make several loan deals. Then all the Chelsea fans could start a Chelsea career and buy Vitesse and offer them particular youth products on loan deals on a regular basis. That would take the realism to a whole new level.

    5. Editing player and manager. There should be more options to edit your manager, and it should be possible to edit your players better as well. When I apply long sleeves to a player, he will wear these in the summer, but when the winter comes, his sleeves will be short. So annoying.

    6. Prioritize starheads for youngsters. To me, career mode is all about the top talents out there. This summer, Youri Tielemans' face was added during the WC update, but he has had 88 or 89 potential for the past three or four years. When youngsters break through, like Ryan Sessegnon, Pellegri, Cutrone, Jadon Sancho and others, EA should really not hesitate to scan the player or give them a customized face. I remember buying a very young Gareth Bale as a left back many, many years ago, and having a young Lewandowski in my attack. Both with custom faces. It would really boost the career mode for me if all the top talents would get decent faces. And EA would benefit, as the faces would last for years to come.

    7. Adding transfer strategies to specific clubs. Some clubs have certain strategies when it comes to buying players. You do not see Burnley spending big, and Michael Owen is still the most expensive player in the history of Newcastle. Athletic Club only has players with a basque origin, and every time they try to make me sell them Phil Jones, I decline for that one reason. It should be possible to make sure these clubs did not make purchases that would be against the club's transfer policy.

    8. Leadership. For now, you can easily get rid of all your experienced players and replace them with promising talent. In a few seasons, your new players with 88 potential will be a top class side. However, in real life, your team would really lack leadership and a healthy hierarchy if led this way. It should be important to have a handful of players, who have been in the club for several years, and the new ones would only be the new backbone of the team after several seasons. Experience should be important in the career mode. It could also be more difficult for new players and academy products to perform, if the team lacked leadership.
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    All Fifa fans, i'm just asking a question:

    On Fifa 19 Career Mode, why, when I chose a youth scout to scout England, does it come up with only Black guys (4-7) and maybe 1 white guy EVERY TIME??!!

    I am not against any colour, religeon or whatever (so you know), but England is White and Black people here!

    It seems Fifa or EA Sports is racist in this game and recognises England as Black ONLY! Ireland, Scotland, Republic of Ireland - Only White!! #ShamefullByEASports
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