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Ever since it was first introduced on FIFA 2000, Career Mode has been one of the most popular modes in the game. With next year marking 20 years since the mode was first introduced (in a multiple season format with transfers) interest is still high and the number of suggestions for improvements is higher than ever.

With this high demand, a single unified community Career Mode Wishlist can help identify which features are most desired. Several high profile supporters of the mode have backed this wishlist idea and so we give you this thread. The main place for the wishlist will be on this thread but Game Changers, Content Creators and other FIFA Personalities will be gathering suggestions. We will gather the suggestions together into a poll so that the community can vote for their favourite suggestions.

Closing date for suggestions to be included in the poll: TBC

Please note this wishlist is nothing to do with EA. The outcome of this wishlist does not guarantee a suggestion will be included in FIFA.


  • Alastair
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    Game Changers, Content Creators and other FIFA Personalities Supporting The Wishlist:

    @CareerModeStars_10 - Twitter
    Cutzy - Twitter/Youtube
    LFC_Patrick - Twitter/Twitch/Youtube
    @MGH - Twitter/Youtube
    Cani - Twitter/Youtube
    Sparring DK - Twitter/Youtube

    If you're a Game Changer who wants to get involved drop me a PM and I'll add you to the list.
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  • Alastair
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    What features do you want to see in Career Mode? Let everyone know by commenting below.
  • ha032742
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    I enjoyed career mode many moons ago before I became hooked on FUT, however if EA actually improved career mode every year (rather than saying a new licence for Champions League is enough), I would definitely return to it so hopefully this type of feedback will result in change.
  • Danimal5981
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    Alastair wrote: »
    What features do you want to see in Career Mode? Let everyone know by commenting below.
    1. A save mode for game highlights within a season.
    2. Some clubs buy a lot, some clubs have a good academy. So the budget must be split three ways: transfers, salary, academy - a separate slider for this would be nice. I would like to see a possibility to shift more money and resources towards the Academy. More money means maybe less transfer budget, but more efficiency in number and quality of scouts and youth players. So the possibility to have a bigger network of scouts and a higher yield of youth players.
    3. There has to more interaction with media and the board of your club, that influence your performance and score as manager.
    4. I was hoping the customization of your manager's looks and gear would be in-game this year. It still would be nice to see it happening.
    5. Influence of UEFA-coefficient to draws.
    6. More mod-friendly possibilities, or back to creator centre, so alternative clubs and leagues could be incorporated.
  • Wyojasond
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    1) I would love to see more of a GM mode as opposed to Manager mode. This way you can actually hire and fire real life coaches and if you want can play with formations and styles they actually use. This would also open up the possibility for great players who retire to become managers down the road as well

    2) piggy backing off the first point, this would even open up possibilities for micro transactions. I get EA loves making money with FUT. So why not add options like the ability to buy stadium upgrades, or maybe even a new stadium. Heck it could even be little things like upgrades for your office.

    3) I love Danimals idea about the 3 way slider for wages, transactions, and youth development. That would add so much to the game.

    4) At the end of the day I don’t think the game is as far off as a lot of people think it is. It will never be FM, but transfers shouldn’t be as horrible as they are. Maybe an option for realistic and an option for whatever. A lot of people say they want more realistic transfers but I know they would throw a fit if they couldn’t sign certain players. I would love that challenge of not always getting my first target. Maybe he thinks my team is to small, maybe he doesn’t want to move to my country, maybe he hates our playing style....stuff like that.
  • WizardMD
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    I play a lot Player Career Mode so what I would like to see is transform "the Journey" to Player Career Mode, it would be great to have that. I used to play Manager Career Mode but since Creation Centre was removed it became really boring to me. I'd like to create my team, take a stadium from the bottom and build it to get a better stadium.

    The new gen consoles are capable of many things and I don't think CM is being improved properly.

    I know European leagues are much more important but it would be nice to have more official tournaments licenses in Latin America like: Liga de Ascenso, Copa Mx, CONCACHAMPIONS, Gold Cup, Copa America, More Central America Countries... etc. It will add more depth to the game

    CREATION CENTRE is a must!

    Thanks for this thread
  • Chris
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    I'm all for this, but this is definitely just a waste. It's not affiliated with EA and they won't look at it. They talk to certain creators, but none of the real big changes people have wanted have went in over the last few years. The only purpose I think this thread serves is tidying up the numerous suggestions posts that pop up. Good luck none the less.
  • Stlducks
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    I would love to be given more control in CM. Look at other EA games like Madden or NBA, you can control nearly every aspect of your club and stadium.

    I would also like to be able to control multiple clubs. Every other sports video game allows you to control more than one club in a career, why not FIFA?
  • WizardMD
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    Chris wrote: »
    I'm all for this, but this is definitely just a waste. It's not affiliated with EA and they won't look at it. They talk to certain creators, but none of the real big changes people have wanted have went in over the last few years. The only purpose I think this thread serves is tidying up the numerous suggestions posts that pop up. Good luck none the less.

    This is true, but I don't think there's another way to get close to EA, sadly this is all we got and at least we are able to suggest stuff, whether they listen to us or not well that's a different story, but you're right.
  • Ashy
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    The good thing is the Journey ends this Fifa and they've made big changes to kick off so the final offline mode they can really work on is career mode. I honestly think we will get some major additions in fifa 20 there wont be an excuse this time.

    UT will take priority but the next one in line is career mode then pro clubs, I do think EA worry about these two modes though, if they update it to a point where it's brilliant it will take players away from UT which in result takes players away from opening packs and spending money.
  • subpop
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    Alastair wrote: »
    What features do you want to see in Career Mode? Let everyone know by commenting below.

    Without particular order:

    1. - Other leagues: There's a section that shows you the league table of other leagues, but it doesn't work. They show you the league table, but in the last moment it breaks down and gives you a different final result... I guess that it's done to accomodate this result to prepare the next season. But I like tof follow what happens in other leagues and it's frustating to see that all what I'm watching during the season is totally useless. A big error in the game that has been there for YEARS. If they fix this and they add Cup results too, it would be great.

    2. - Job offers: In the past, you had the option to apply to any club. If you were the manager of a humble team, you had the chance to apply for a big club, but they would reject it. The problem is that, until FIFA 18 (I don't know about FIFA 19), you only get the chance to apply for job offers of big clubs. What if I want to go from Villarreal to Lyon instead of PSG? It was in the past, so it shouldn't be difficult to go back to this.

    3. - Budgets: More options in this aspect. We're given information about shirt sales, tickets, etc... but I don't really know the effect on the budgets, if there's any. I know sometimes this is relevant for "objectives", but this aspect works poorly. It's useless information for me. However, @Danimal5981 proposal seem very attractive. Only with this, I would be extremely happy.

    4. - More interaction with media and players. Sometimes the players are happy, sometimes they aren't. But who cares as it doesn't have any effect on their performance. If a player is unhappy, there should be an immediate effect on his rating: less pace, less shooting efficiency... whatever. And this relationship between player and manager must include the reactions to press comments.

    5. - The development of players: Fate is written. It doesn't matter if they play or not, if the player is supposed to have a great potential, he will always have a great potential. The development of the player should depend on other aspects, especially playing minutes, so it would make sense to loan this player out, so he can get more playing minutes. In the last stages of the career of a player, the ratings shouldn't drop so fast. After a player is 30 years old, the declining is extremely fast, but in reality we can see that players keep a great level until they are 33-34 and sometimes beyond. Messi, Ronaldo, Modric.... they shoulnd't decline so fast.

    6. - Variable rating: We should be able to see the difference of playing Benzema as striker or as central midfielder. The game will always show you he's 88... in reality, he's 88 as ST, but maybe just a 70 as CM. Just to say an example.

    7. Multiple players: Is it so difficult to introduce this option? You may want to play with a friend at the same time or maybe play with two teams at the same time.

    8. Realistic transfers: It's strange to see Manchester United signing huge stars every transfer window, while other teams are always quiet and they just replace head-by-head. At smaller teams, it's even worse... they lose their best players and you don't know anything else about them.

    9. Dinamic managers in the rivals: I like to see how the game teams play as in real life... but Mourinho will disappear from Manchester United at some points. It's boring to be in 2022 and to see the same managers and the same style in every team year by year. It should be more dinamic... just as the players have different skills, managers should also be given ratings in some aspects. Then if they also change from one team to another, they take their style to their new club too.

  • I'd like to see more realistic transfers. Never mind the stupid and frankly, waste of time, cutscenes with the generic manager. Make it more like PES, where there is a real chance of missing out on your target if certain demands aren't met.
    Also, more realism overall, how long do we have to suffer with the red card bug (a straight red is always a one match ban).
    How about clubs offering to poach you to manage their teams.
    The option to upgrade your stadium if you progress with a small club into the big time.
    I could go on...however I know most of these issues could (and should) have been implemented long, long before now if EA listened to their loyal customers, rather than throw everything at the UT cash cow.
    Lets be honest, they've basically cut and pasted FIFA 18 career mode and stuck it in a new box and sold it as FIFA 19 career mode...we've been ignored AGAIN.
  • TeamExtreme17
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    * Cut-scenes for press conferences, new signings, manager unveilings, manager of the month, manager of the year, player of the month, player of the year. Like in The Journey! PORT THEM!!

    * Create your manager's appearance (like create a player) instead of having to use the in-game avatars. (including normal gear and cold weather gear)

    * Manually select friendlies. One off fixtures or Tournaments (Including naming the tournament: Emirates Cup etc). You should be able to choose a date on the calendar, invite a team, they accept or decline..

    * Bring back game face. (this would be beneficial to the above and also player career ^)

    * Let us chose REAL managers that are actually in the game (So if I select Manchester United i can be Jose Mourinho OR a created manager).

    * Overhaul edit player, there is a bug called the cold weather gear that hasn't been fixed for years. See the Create / Edit Player Improvement Thread!:

    * Let us edit generic faces.

    * Show player profile pictures for ALL players, even if it's their in-game starhead.

    * DLC custom face packs for the hundreds of generic player faces. See The Fifa 19 Starhead Thread:

    * Balon D'or / World Footballer Of The Year awards (including cut-scenes)

    * Generic Stadiums: Please add more stadiums outside of the PL (Benfica, Porto, Celtic, Napoli, Barcelona etc.), including international stadiums like Friends Arena, Warsaw stadium (to make International manager more authentic). As for generic stadiums please see the Edit Stadiums Improvement Thread!:

    * Stadium exteriors: Why does Wembley have an exterior view in The Journey but not career mode? At least port it!!

    * Realistic transfers, why do Man Utd sign Lewandowski when they have Lukaku, Martial & Rashford!? If they make a big signing then in real life they'd sell too, not have them all sat on the bench. Teams should only buy for where they are weakest in their squad..

    * Create a stadium, you had this in Fifa Manager? PORT IT!!

    NBA 19 has Create a Court, so whats your excuse?

    * Option to set club captain & vice-captain when you take over a club / country,

    * Loan players should not be able to play against you if you loan them out, and they shouldn't be available for you when you play a team you have a loaned player from either. (Think Fosu-Mensah against Manchester United).

    * Option to buy a player and a send a player going on loan the other way.

    * Add Club World Cup (even a generic version)

    * Realistic scouting results, why am I being suggested players like Ronaldo when I am Stoke?

    * Add the option of only searching for players within your budget. (This is in PES)

    * Make international job offers more realistic (option to turn them off)

    * Start as an international manager.

    * More job offers if doing well.

    * Auto training, players should still train if I don't do them manually.

    * Add arena effect to the soundtrack when in the in-game menu, to create the feeling of being at the stadium (this is in PES)

    * Why decide to stop making Fifa Manager and then not use any of the things from that game in Fifa? You could port most of it!!

    * Option to turn Real Fixtures On or Off.

    * Option to use Icons in Career Mode, turning them to On would see them be available to sign from Free Agents.

    * Option to start jobless and wait for offers.

    * Option to start in chosen league at Early (default), Middle (mid-season), or End of pre-season (First league game: To cut out pre-season altogether)

    * Play Football Manager to see how a manager mode should be.
  • Tornado31619
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    Ultimate Team incorporated into CM. Would be lovely if we could have TOTW, MOTM, TOTS, etc. For the dynamic pictures, they can use images of our players celebrating (they can, because transferred players appear in their CM kits during the PL line-up graphics), or make one up of their own).

    It would probably be very dodgy to begin with (e.g. very dubious TOTW/TOTS picks), but I think this would be worth it. I usually pretend that what happens in my saves is going on IRL (I’m a Man Utd fan, so you can’t blame me :lol: ), so this would be a real step in the right direction IMO. Maybe for stuff like TOTS, a highlight reel could be produced compromising of some of the goals scored throughout the season (as IRL).

    I mean, Alex Hunter can get an IF, so why not real-life players?
  • comet213
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    Player Career Mode Wishlist

    Manager can insert my pro to sub.
    Manager inform tactics to my pro.
    Mananger substitute defender for attacker when defender was sent off.
    Manager can be sacked.

    Transfer Summary like Manager Mode.
    The term of a contract is not infinite. My pro can be Free Agent.
    My pro can get transfer offer though My pro don't do Infinity tranfer request to get manager's permission.

    Growth and Training
    Similar Growth and Training with The Journey.

    If My pro is in sub, I can select options. 'Watch match' or 'Sim match until playing'
    If match is ended by simulation during the match, Score and assist are recorded. (Score and assist are not recorded in current FIFA.)

    National Team
    If Some Nation have League in FIFA or Many players are in FIFA enough, National team can be appered to Career mode. And this national team uses national flag and generic kit.

    The Host Country
    The Host Country exist in pre season tournament.
    If host is Saidi Arabia, Participating Teams play in Saudi Arabia Stadiums.
    This feature is also needed to National Team Tounaments(World Cup, Confed Cup and more)

    Star above the badge
    World Cup Champions get a star.

    Raking System
    FIFA ranking, Club ranking, League Ranking...

    League Table
    Goal difference and Sorting in League table. (Why these are removed?? :/ )

    Retire cut scene and Retire match
    Player retire after Knock-out stage in World Cup.

    International Friendly: 12 subs, 6 substitutable
    International Competition, Italy, Netherlands: 12 subs, 3 substituable
    Pre season: Unlimited

    League Schedule
    Norway, Sweden, Ireland rep: League starts in spring

    Goal, assist, clean sheet, Booking in other leagues
    International record of My pro
    Each Team record(each season results)
    Each Player record(Goal, assist etc each season)
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  • Hi,

    I have been playing fifa since I was born and I really don't want to switch to PES (they are doing good in career mode) and I am a huge fan of career mode but it has not been changed at all. Therefore, I would like to suggest some ideas which I wish you could update.

    1. add buy-back clause
    2. add buying after loan
    3. and please improve some faces of the player
  • PPerfect_CJ
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    1. Be able to edit managers appearance and be able to use the correct EXISTING managers.
    2. Mix and match kit pieces at the kit selection screen to avoid clashes.
    3. Be able to create/edit players to be a regular CM instead of only being able to choose CAM, CDM, LM, or RM.
    4. Be able to edit generic faces so that we can make them look more like the real players.
    5. Fix the bug that changes players ages to 57 when you edit someone that’s under 18 years old.
    6. Stat tracking over multiple seasons.
    7. Loan with option to buy.
    8. Be able to control EVERY TEAM in a league. Think NBA2K, Madden, and MLB: The Show.
    9. Be able to turn off the first winter transfer window, so that when we get updated squads after that window in real life, we can keep that roster for the entire first season and not have it get screwed up.
    10. Adjust the match ratings system so that one bad performance doesn’t mean that starters get stuck on the bench for the rest of the season.
    11. Let us reject all future international job offers instead of having to constantly turn them down individually.
    12. The return of Creation Centre, obviously.
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  • Make it so when we are doing transfers (in the settings) we can choose either a loan or permanent transfer, it spoils it if i have permanently transfer a young player instead of loaning them out.
  • Add more European leagues to make the champions league and Europa league more fun.
  • Danimal5981
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    Alastair wrote: »
    What features do you want to see in Career Mode? Let everyone know by commenting below.
    1. A save mode for game highlights within a season.
    2. Some clubs buy a lot, some clubs have a good academy. So the budget must be split three ways: transfers, salary, academy - a separate slider for this would be nice. I would like to see a possibility to shift more money and resources towards the Academy. More money means maybe less transfer budget, but more efficiency in number and quality of scouts and youth players. So the possibility to have a bigger network of scouts and a higher yield of youth players.
    3. There has to more interaction with media and the board of your club, that influence your performance and score as manager.
    4. I was hoping the customization of your manager's looks and gear would be in-game this year. It still would be nice to see it happening.
    5. Influence of UEFA-coefficient to draws.
    6. More mod-friendly possibilities, or back to creator centre, so alternative clubs and leagues could be incorporated.

    Oh yeah: and extended/enlarged bench. In many competitions one can bench 9-12 players.

  • 1. Teams with generic stadiums should be able to expand the stadium (Both user & AI controlled teams).
    2. Our youth scouts should be able to scout many, many more countries. (Ex/ Wales, Iceland, Gabon & more)
    3. An increased & more varied name pool for youth academy & regen players.
    4. Introduce a moral system. Take inspisration from the NHL franschise, a player hasn't played in 6 games? He'll start wondering what's going on.
    5. Building on the above. We need to be able to communicate with our players. Even having the choice between 5 different responses would be good.
  • As a big career mode player myself, not seeing any big features for a few years now is worrying and kind of sad. I have a personal wishlist for career mode, with 1 being the thing I want the most and so on. Some of these are easier to implement and some of them aren’t, but thats the way it goes. Personally, I prefer more realistic career modes instead of the wackier ones other people do, so keep that in mind.

    1. Being able to customise kits at the start of every season. This one could be quite hard because of licensing and stuff, but if you could add a kit editor like the one in pro clubs, it would be perfect.

    2. Stadium builder. If I am doing a career mode in league 2, i dont want to use town park for 50 games a season. Letting us build stadiums would be a nice way to add variety and realism to the game.

    3. Scrap maximum potential. The minimum potential idea that has been floating around would be excellent. Mbappe should not become 96 rated when he hasnt played a game in 5 years.

    4. Youth academy nerf. The youth academy is way too overpowered. The players that you generate from the YA should not only be determined from your scouts, but from your youth objectives aswell. For example, if you have critical youth objectives, you should generate better players. Also, 60+ rated players should be more common for bigger teams, and smaller teams should get youth players in the 45-55 range, with potentials of around 75. I should not be able to obtain the next Messi at Yeovil town.

    5. Youth Teams. Speaking of youth, why not add youth teams, where you can send players from your reserves and academy to play against other youth teams. Would be a great addition.

    6. International management. Let us be able to manage a national team without having to manage a club team. Simple.

    7. More Realistic AI. The AI teams should make more realistic transfers. The most frustrating example of this is when Athletic Bilbao go out and sign 10 German players. Why? It’s literally against their whole philosophy!

    8. Finally, more licensed cometitions. I’m talking stuff like eastern european leagues, asian leagues, african leagues and contintal cups. The first 3 dont really need explaining, but there simply need to be more continental cups in the game, even if theyre fake and unlicensed. I have never done a south or North American career save, because there is only the league. I would do a Boca Juniors career mode or something, but I cant because there is no continental cup and it’s annoying!

    Anyway, if all of these features can make it to FIFA 20, and a few more, such as improved press conferences and sponsorships, then FIFA 20 will definitely be a great year for career mode.

    Thanks for reading!
  • Career Mode Community Manager- this would help make Career Mode fans feel that they have someone to talk to in order to help improve the game mode with any possibly bugs, and also help clarify the importance of Career Mode.

    Receive feedback from fans- like in previous FIFA’s fans should add pressure to the manager when the team is not performing to expectations.

    Player growth- have players grow due to their potential tag as well as performances, this allows the possibility of flops and surprise talents.

    Players over the age of 30 to not reduce drastically in stats if they are performing at a high level, such as players like Ibrahimovic. Also buying older players should be worth it as they should bring experience to the side and help improve youngsters at the club- more realistic fee to the game.

    Player Mentoring- players should be able to grow with the players around them for example a player like Messi could help mentor Ousmane Dembele this would be done with an ‘experience’ stat that will grow over time with league appearances and cup wins.

    In-depth Transfers- ability to receive player swap deals from other clubs and bring back a loan with option to buy deal with the introduction of obligation to buy.

    Old features- Request more funds, sponsorships, stadium upgrades, team chemistry and staff upgrades. All features that used to be in FIFA Career Mode, bringing these back will increase the depth of Career Mode and give it a more complex challenge for your teams success.

    Add Mental/ Physical factors- such as motivation and momentum both play a massive role in real life which controls games and makes results unpredictable and unique.

    Press Conferences – allow this feature to have an impact on the teams performance with possible cut scenes and new responses that will encourage users to engage in this feature.

    Tracking- players should be able to see stats and reports of players when scouting players in other leagues and also for players out on loan in order to see if they are first team quality when they return.

    Tactics- introduce ways for tactics to be trained in in a monthly 'Team Training' or 'Team Training Match' that will help the team to adapt to new tactics/ formations. This will make the game more realistic.

    Position Changing- being able to train a player into a new position, possibly only allowing 2 new positions per player so it is not over powered.

    Youth Academy- A youth set up would revolutionise Career Mode as if we could have a youth academy to train and allow to play matches vs other youth academies it would add more depth to the current youth academy and allow players to grow better to see if they are ready to be called up to the first team.

    Setting up friendly matches- this would allow the club to receive small extra funds and also allow reserve players to get game time.

    Applying for a job- there should be an interview where you have to answer questions which will increase/ decrease your chances to receiving the job.

    Loaning- Ability to buy a player and loan him straight away should be an option in game, especially with youth players.

    Bugs: features such as the loaning system where clubs loan key players in Career Mode, being able to loan players with a £0 transfer/ wage budget and being able to offer new improved contracts by delegating the contract even with no funds.

    National Team Job: There should be extra features when taking on a National Team such as manager rewards giving praise for taking on another job as well as a more in-depth World Cup and European Cup adding intensity the further you proceed in the game.

    There should also be an option to block National Team offers for those that aren’t interested in managing a National Team.

    Communication with players- ability to tell player why they are not getting game time and also reply to players needs such as when players ask to be transfer listed.

    Celebrations- an upgrade in the atmosphere of fans and players when a player scores or make a big tackle in intense matches such as cup finals/ final minutes and Derby’s
  • TeamExtreme17
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    Career Mode Community Manager- this would help make Career Mode fans feel that they have someone to talk to in order to help improve the game mode with any possibly bugs, and also help clarify the importance of Career Mode.

    YES!!!!! And a dedicated dev to work solely on Career Mode like Simon Humber...

  • Next year better be THE year, the fans are right fed up and that Matt Prior interview with Kicker did not help.

    The core things that must be addressed

    1. Manager customization / real managers and interactions with press and players. The avatars have got to go, you've got to be able to use real managers and customization needs depth. You need cut scene and text responses for media before and after every game like a real manager and you need to communicate directly with players. The biggest priority far and away IMO.

    2. Youth teams. Big changes needed, prefer to see them license youth and b leagues were possible but if not fake leagues needed. You've got to be able to play youth games against other youth teams to get them experience. You must also be able to customize youth players like most other sports games do (this means editing their appearance and names (See how MLB the Show does Minor League players). Use the practice pitches for these games with no commentary and no fans like most youth games.

    3. Customization. It is currently dreadful, not only do you need manager customization and youth customization you have finally got to return a real team and league creation feature. What sports game fails to let you create a team? There are so many missing teams, so many teams lost to PES. This needs fixed. I need to be able to create real or fantasy teams to play with. I AM NOT PLAYING FUT!

    4. Stats. FIFA is the single worst sports game for stats. This is unacceptable. You must have career stats for all players and you must be able to tabulate and store the stats you compile from year to year for teams and individuals.

    5. Have pride in your work and respect for football. Career mode is filled with bugs and poorly designed mechanics like scheduling errors, transfer and loan breakdowns, poorly run AI teams, unrealistic manager and financial ratings, it just looks like a cheep and careless mode, no wonder it has suffered in use. FIFA is one of the biggest video games period. There should be no excuse to have a major mode be so neglected and disrespected. Your fans and many football fans are infuriated with how this mode has been neglected this generation.
  • Though I have only been playing career mode for a couple of years now, there is definitely a lot of changes that definitely need to be made for the 20th anniversary

    - Being able to control a simulated game - What I mean by this is to be able to decisions during a simulated game, (.e. I player gets injured and you are able to choose who replaces him on the pitch without the CPU deciding
    - A better name pool in a Youth Acadamy - Currently, the name pool is decent but it seriously needs improvement. For example, I have noticed with Brazil that names such as Alexsandro Branco and Caio Gomes always pop up in my youth academy reports when I scout Brazil
    - Players potential calculated from their performance and form in game This needs to be seriously improved. Though I like the current potential system, I think it can still be improved further. For example, let's just say Kylan Mbappé had a very poor season for PSG in the game and he started with a potential of 95, this means then his potential will be downgraded by -1 to -3, depending on how poorly his form and his performances were on the pitch. Let's look at another example, this time a positive one. Let's look at Duda for example who has been lighting up the Bundesliga recently. Currently his potential is I think 80 but for example, in game if he has a season similar to the one he is currently having IRL, then his potential then will be upgraded +1 to +5 depending on how outstanding the player performs
    - Players decline calculated from their performance and form in game This also goes off the last point. Some players will still be in their prime as they are reaching the twilight of their career or it could be the other way around where the player was basically a nobody in his twilight years until he became outstanding when he is around 36-37 years of age. So in my opinion, if the older player performs poorly in game in a certain season, then he will decline rapidly. But if the player in question has an outstanding season, then he might decline by only -1 or even nothing at all
    - A longer career mode In my opinion, a 15 season career is decent but the option should be there to sim even further into the future like Football Manager. I tried this using Cheat Engine on PC with FIFA 18 and I sinned to 2043 and save ran completely fine without stability issues. Of course, a lot of tweaks will have to be made for this to be possible as I noticed things job offers and national teams offers were broken as I wasn't getting any like before the end of the usual 15 season career mode. And it should be possible in FIFA 20 as technology is enhancing meaning that consoles such as PlayStation 4 and the XBOX ONE, if they are still going to be the flagship consoles in 12 months time should be able to handle this just fine
    - To Be able to scout any country recognised by FIFA for youth academy players This is one thing I currently hate about career mode, not being able to scout countries such as Ukraine and Macedonia who have been creating some amazing talents very recently. It would just make more sense to scout any country for youth players than a select few
    - There needs to be a youth team of some kind in FIFA 20 This is another major flaw in career mode. There is currently no team for youth players to get game time in FIFA 19 and the only way they can grow currently if through training which in turn strains there mental stats if you train them too much. As well as this with the potential point, I mentioned a couple of points ago, for a player to develop properly, they need to be outstanding and one thing youth players need is game time. So a youth league would make sense as the youth player is getting game time and if he is considered outstanding, he might have a shot to break into the first team right away if he prooves himself.

  • bradymcbrady_2
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    few things that I would like are

    1. A larger pool of free agents Every year it is the same group of Bolivian, Indian or Hungarian free agents that are all rated less than 70. In real life there are plenty of players who are free agents who are looking for a club. A quick look on transfrmarkt and there are plenty of decent players to pick up such as Nasri, Veloso, Ansarifad, Mbakogu, Tasci etc. Yet we are limited to the Marlos Caicedo's and Sylvain Gbohou's of the world, like come on, surely as a lot of these players have already been in previous fifa's and some of them have their own starheads it isn't that big of an ask.

    2. less ridiculous transfers I understand that it is difficult to get the PERFECT transfer market, but some of the transfers that happen are just stupid. Already, from watching a few career mode videos on YouTube I've seen ones such as Oli McBurnie to REAL MADRID. As well as Mario Gotze and Adrian Rabiot to BURNLEY, yes Burnley are in the Europa League but they seem to have a policy of signing players from the English leagues and NOT spending 40 million on PSG players. This really does annoy me when these types of transfers take place.

    Also why would teams from the Chinese Super League try to sign young players on loan from Leeds or other championship teams? is there a policy of only 4 international players in the CSL like in real life?

    As well, it makes no sense when Man Utd sign ter Stegen but don't sell De Gea. After 2-3 seasons it is common to see teams with 4-5 first team quality gk's in their team.

    3. the opposition to play their strongest team and not a second string team every time! this is another thing I've noticed over the years. When you do a premier league season, it is rare that the opposition play a full strength side. EVERY SINGLE TIME I just know that when you play against Spurs for example, Kane/Eriksen/Lloris/Alli will be on the bench. Yes, in real life injuries/rotation happen, but it is literally every single game it becomes very predictable and VERY annoying. Especially as these players are on the bench and not actually injured.

    4. computer generated youth players to have more sensible names this is another thing that bothers me. You will have 17 year olds with the face of a 40 year old. You will find white players with surnames like N'Diaye and Diouf, black players with Korean names. Sort this out, it just looks stupid. And surely you could be more intentive with surnames rather than only using pre-existing surnames.

    Also give these players a blank 2d portrait like you do for many real life youth players, there's nothing worse than having them with a computer generated portrait when everyone else has a real life one.

    5. more varied promotion/relegation it is usually the same teams going up/down from each division. A bit more variety would be nice, teams such as Preston or Millwall having an unexpected promotion would make a change from the same 3 coming up and back down.

  • 1)
    - To be able to train players to different positions
    - To be able to auto train players over seasons instead of weekly
    - To be able to choose a workload on training

    - Bring back visual sim, able to jump in and play at any moment
    - Bring back request funds
    - Bring back sponsors

    -Create a club mode, create a badge, stadium and kits
    - Draft mode, Example, Premier League draft, i am wolves and have the 3rd pick, so i get to pick the third player (only players from the premier league if you start the mode there)
    - Owner mode, hire and fire managers, build stadiums, relocate etc...
    - One season mode, you get one season with a club then on to the next one
    - Online or Co-Op career mode
    - International mode

    - Short press conferences with answer possibilities
    - Interaction with players, able to answer them if they want to leave
    - Interact with the board, request funds, request new stadium

    - Older players will not drop down as quick
    - Players being overtrained doesn't harm their physicals
    - Players that play more grow more, (loan actually helps then)
    - More even goalkeeper growth
    - Players have minimum growth not maximum growth

    - Burnley and Arsenal should not play the same type of football
    - If you stay at one club for more then 5 years you get to rename the stadium
    - being able to request for a interview at a club
    - Being able to get youth players from every country in the world
    - In the squad hub you can see a players career, where he has played and goals each season

    - Not as easy to get a job offer
    - You can start off as a international manager
    - U19 U21 teams you can manage as well
    - Being able to train players
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