[PS4] division 1 club looking for trials

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We are a former vfl club who is looking for players. We're done with the vfl for this FIFA but will be playing vfl or VPG in the next FIFA

The play style: I would say always sharing the ball is the key. Be quick in counter and be patient in possession. Very basic, it will go to tiki taka or whatever it is, when we have the quality and chemistry.

What we want: we are looking for good defenders, TEAM PLAYERS especially. Who can manage their positioning on the pitch, to support the others. You can show off your skills, just make sure it is necessary. Also, more simple short pass if you don't want to get countered all the game.

Currently we are short in positions like CM/CDM/LB/CB/RB/ST/RW/LW/GK But it is ok if we have spot in front and you wanna switch a bit. No hard feelings, no pressure, just try to find the right person that we could share the same joy.

We play every day from 8:30 UK time zone

Sent Bennydyret a message if you want a trial.
Please just sent a psn message

Console: PS4
Club name: Arc Imperial
Size of Club: 13
Position(s) Wanted: RB, LB, CB, CDM/CM, ST, RW, LW, GK
Region: Europe
Trial needed?: Yes
Club style: Competitive
Additional Info: we speak english and you got to have a mic. To contact the club write to bennydyret
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