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  • It's happened to me a lot, assists too
  • saviomd
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    @Orikoru yeah... the data come from them, so if it's messed up, they messed it up lol
    @Doolallyfrank yes... I already saw happening to ratings too, having a value at the end of the match and a different value in ea site/proclubshead
  • Astralprojectio
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    Just a small thing...
    The landscape rotation doesnt follow my android settings. If i habe th settings of rotationg turned off PCH will still rotate.
  • saviomd
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    @Astralprojectio pch is web based, so this behavior is probably a chrome android bug...
  • Typooni
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    @saviomd Lots and lots 404's lately... Search page, club pages, matches pages, ratings pages... Sometimes it fixes by just refreshing, sometimes need CTRL+F5 and sometimes incognito mode helps... Can you check what is going on at the site? Thank you for your hard work, we use your site daily to check our post-session stats and also to find cheaters and update our list of cheating teams. Most of them play in 1-2 DIVs obviously.. luckily we have found way to avoid them, anyone interested should PM me and I tell more about it...
  • saviomd
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    @Typooni thanks for the feedback but we are already aware of it and, unfortunately, the issue isn't in our side so there is nothing we can do about it...
    (even the pro clubs section in the official site is suffering from this problem)
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