Pick players on companion app

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Just done all three of those ‘pick player’ sbcs but it won’t let me actually select a player, am I missing something?


  • Porsgaard85
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    get to the homepage of the app. its in ur unassigned pile
  • DrMac95
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    I can see that, it’s when I’m trying to select the player, it gives me an option of like 5 players and then when it’s selected it won’t allow me to actually choose them
  • Towelly 86 I’m having the same problem surely ea would of fixed this issue before releasing the app update is there any way round this
  • Rsscllghn
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    Go onto the Web app and select desktop mode in settings (the three dots at the top right of your phone) scroll down and confirm is at the very bottom of the screen. Very annoying
  • How to you change it to desktop mode?
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