Ousmane Dembele

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Why is Ousmane Dembele only a 4 star skill player? In previous FIFA he had 5 star skills and judging his last barca games he still reserves 5 star skills....


  • Basically due to EA's bias towards us because of our PES deal, they only really allow max one 5 star skiller per year from Barcą.
  • silencer747
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    Well, I agree he kinda shouldn't have them. But for that same reason I would take away almost every one's 5* skills, mainly Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo only that wouldn't be fun.
    But since this year they give them out left and right like Shaqiri, Marcelo, Ibra, you name it. Then Dembele should also have it!

    And if it's really bias, which I kinda suspect EA has on Barcelona, simply look at the pace rating.. absolutely criminal! to reflect that in the players stats? that some deep passive aggressiveness, that only hurt the customer, they need a shrink if that's the case!
  • Truthurts
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    typical EA pettiness
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