Why are black players so dark?

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Every black player is far darker than their actual skin tone. How ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hard can it be for EA to implement lighting properly?


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    Yeah I mentioned this few years ago. I see this with Lukaku in the game. And before EA chose Drogba in the same way completely black. The colour tone is meant to be dark brown not black!

    Some players EA made brown which is the more accurate colour, but some players are downright black. Even the most pigmented people on earth are not black but dark brown like dark chocolate!

    EA need to work on the colour tone. I do not think this is a case of lighting as these players are completely black even when played in day light in game. It is simply a matter of EA choosing the right brown colour for those particular players where improving the graphical aspect of the player faces, arms, legs, etc.

    Actually an example that comes to mind is the cosmetic department. If you go to any cosmetic store you will see revlon tanning lotions and the darkest brown colour is never black for face colourstay foundation.
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