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It would be nice if you and your development team spent a little bit of time updating CO-OP and ONLINE FRIENDLY so that it isn't the 100% identical copy of Fifa 17, which then got copied to Fifa 18, and now is making its 3rd debut in Fifa19 also known as... Fifa 17...

I would like to have overtime and penalty kicks when I play my friend??? Oh you dont have that feature? is that because CO-OP AND ONLINE FRIENDLY has literally been a exact copy from the previous game???

Why don't you guy put some effort into other game modes besides Ultimate Team.. I know UT brings the $$$ but lets not be lazy and do 0 updates to the 2 game modes that have not had a change since 2017.

You get to play Online / 85 Overall / or Custom...

you get to pick between slow... normal.. fast...
and you get to play a season of 5 games... no overtime...

sound familiar??? thats because its the EXACT COPY from 2018 and 2017.

Step 1) Open Visual Studio

Step 2) Copy all the stuff from 2017 to 2019 ( or whatever version is current).

Step 3) Compile it and sell it...

Cmon... this is the least amount of effort i've ever seen done by a team...

I am beyond upset that I am sitting here in 2019 complaining about the same stuff thats been complained about year after year... If its not Ultimate Team and In Game Money Transactions then its not worth your teams time?? Super Low End...


  • I literally was going to come on this forum and write this same post. My thoughts exactly!

    Nothing has changed in "Online Friendlies" game mode....I was excited for FIFA 19 because I thought there would be new custom game modes where I could play my friends online and we could set up the season and/or match to whatever we liked. We can't change the length of season, we can't set up overtime and/or penalties, we pretty much are stuck with the same game mode as the past two years. That is sad!

    What is the issue....Is it that hard to set up some more options for us?

    I was disappointed with FIFA18 and even more so now with FIFA19! Do better EA!
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    How about it's impossible to set up tactics in only a minute before the game starts. You have your basic play style and now 4 other tactics to sort out. Yes I could do all this before by editing squads but who the hell has time for all that. I don't know about everyone but the reason I play online friendlies is to try out multiple teams, no way I'm going to edit all those teams
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