Free Agents (Looking for a club) Thread

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If you're a free agent who is interested in joining a club then fill out this template and clubs will then contact you to arrange a trial or send you an invite.

Platform: (PC/Xbox One/PS4)
Origin ID/Gamertag/PSN ID:
Postion(s) Played:
Club Type Desired: (eg. Serious/Just for fun etc.)
Additional Info: (eg. What time you are online/preferred language (if not English) etc.)

Please do not repeatedly spam this thread if you do not get approached. We will be monitoring this thread and may have to take action against persistent offenders.

If you have a club and want to advertise for players then please make a thread in this section. If you are a free agent please do not make your own thread and instead use this thread.

If you've got any questions then send @Alastair or @Pieman25 a PM. :)


  • Platform: PC
    Origin ID: xDanielNvL
    Region: UK
    Position: GK
    Experience: Played VFL GK for 8+ Seasons. 1 VFL TeamOfTheSeason. 2 VFL Promotions. I have played GK since FIFA 14.
    Club Type Desired: Casual (for now)
    Mic: No
    Times available(GMT+1) UK: All day up until 9:00pm
    I also have Origin Access (Premier)
  • Platform: PC
    Origin ID: DatGuyOak
    Region: UK
    Postion(s) Played: Cam
    Club Type Desired: Active. and wanna win EVERYTHING!

    I have played clubs on all platforms, and played for some massive division one teams on xbox
  • SkylinePS
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    Platform: PC
    Origin ID Swoop619
    Region: UK
    Postion(s) Played: RW
    Overall: 87
    Club Type Desired: friendly
  • Apex5
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    Platform: PS4
    PSN: CvmRag_5
    Region: NA can play in other regions tho
    Positions: RM/RW CAM/CF LM/LW
    overall: 89 fifa 19
    Club Type Desired: Competitive and Casual no trolls. I have 150 assists and 150 goals in 370 games my playstyle is pass an move. I dont tolerate players or teams that try to thru ball every single time or dribble over every blade of grass or shoot thru 20 pairs of legs. My clubs are all in division 3 and up but no one gets on lately so looking for a team that gets on consistently. I also own a mic.
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    i am an experienced fifa player who has just moved over to pc and would like to be a part of a competitve team who play their posistions correctly
  • AhmedOzil
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    Platform: PC

    Origin ID: EGY-OziL

    Region: UK

    Postion(s) Played: CDM , CM , CAM

    Club Type Desired: i'm looking for an ( Experienced Team ) , can hold ball , possession and plays simple passes , (
    Not Every time crossing balls ) ..

    Additional Info: i'm experienced mid player Since fifa 13 , can play as CDM , CM , CAM .. like to pass simple passes
    ready for any trials.
  • Platform: (PS4)
    PSN ID: rippinbowls805
    Region: US/ Cali
    Postion(s) Played: cam/ wing / mid / striker
    Overall: 80
    Club Type Desired: looking for competive but chill team
    Additional Info: English speaking with mic I play daily. Looking to climb the ranks and bank some serious skill points with the boys!!!
  • Natey410
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    Platform: Xbox one
    Origin ID/Gamertag/PSN ID: natey410
    Region: US/Maryland
    Postion(s) Played: Can play ST, LM/RM, CAM
    Overall: 81/82
    Club Type Desired: Experienced and chill team, want to win by keeping the ball and making good passes. No real selfish play
    Additional Info: Usually play at night after classes, >6pm EST. Don’t own a mic
  • Platform: (PS4)
    PSN ID: ToastSticks96
    Region: US/ NC
    Postion(s) Played: wing / striker
    Overall: 80
    Club Type Desired: looking for casual team but want to win.
    Additional Info: English speaking with mic I play daily usually in the evenings.
  • Platform: PC
    PSN ID: Sir_St0neAlott
    Region: Western Europe
    Postion(s) Played: All
    Overall: Low, just started
    Club Type Desired: Casual, active, looking to win.
  • SisU
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    Delete, found club.
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  • EnderKoc
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    Platform: PC
    Origin ID:EnderKoc
    Postion(s) Played: Striker and Cam
    Club Type Desired:Serious
    Additional Info: I have played since Fifa 98.I am 32 years old.I am looking for serious and upper division club.Discord : EnderKoc#4798
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  • Platform- PS4
    PSN ID- Icezan27
    Region- NA-East (no prefernce for club origin)
    Positions- Primarily ST, Also RW/LW
    Overall: 79
    Club Type: Casual team but serious enough to not mess around. Also have to be okay with me being away for a bit due to my tight schedule.
  • Platform: PS4
    Origin ID/Gamertag/PSN ID: lambeau_26
    Region: Wisconson. Cst
    Postion(s) Played: mid, st, gk
    Club Type Desired: div 1
    Additional Info: will play anywhere. Pass first minded.
  • Jepper
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    Platform: PS4
    PSN ID: big_jon20
    Region: Europe, uk
    Postion(s) Played: CAM, ST, wings
    Overall: 80 (just started)
    Club Type Desired: competitive
  • Platform: PC
    Origin ID: Edge91UK
    Region: Europe, uk
    Postion(s) Played: ST/LW/GK (Other at request
    Overall: 85 (90 fifa 17)
    Club Type Desired: any but I'm only available at weekends
  • Platform: PC
    Origin ID: Ricardoy26
    Region: SA (South America) - Chile
    Postion(s) Played: CM,CAM
    Overall: 78, CAM 79
    Club Type Desired:
    Im looking for a chill, fun pro club to join, i do like to work as a team and learn more, so if anyone can get past the fact that im a noob then its good to me :P

    Additional Info: Im usually online on weekends most of the time and by weekdays usually after 6:00pm, as for the languages i speak both spanish and english just fine to communicate if needed, i do have a mic.

    Im really noob and new to fifa since well fifa 13, so yeah not looking to be great but to learn how to play better and have fun while at it as a team.
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    Platform: PS4
    PSN: Only-The-Dead-
    Region: UK
    Position: St/LW/RW
    Overall: I haven't played proclubs on 19 yet
    Club type desired: Casual or competitive. 18+ and friendly.

    I've been playing for over 15 years but only started playing pro clubs on fifa 18. I started as an LB but was quickly moved to an ST where I played as the main striker at my previous club

    Intelligent runs, decent dribbler, unselfish.
  • Martinezluis728
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    Platform: (PS4)
    Origin ID/Gamertag/PSN ID: luisemartinez728
    Region: eastern United states Europe time
    Postion(s) Played: Cdm /Cb /Rb /LB
    Overall: 80 just stared
    Club Type Desire: causal and series
    Additional Info 6’4 uslaly more on defensive side also only teams with 5 or more players Have past experience vfl , vpn
  • TiiMeP
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    Platform: (PC)
    Origin ID/Gamertag/PSN ID: TiiMeP
    Region: West Europe
    Postion(s) Played: ST/CAM/RW
    Overall: 86
    Club Type Desire: Play as much as possible, casual/competitive.
  • Platform: PS4
    PSN ID: shaggy20
    Region: UK
    Postion(s) Played: CM/CDM/CAM
    Overall: just starting on Fifa 19
    Club Type Desired: Mature, fun
    Additional Info: semi casual player, usually available when the kids and 'her indoors' are in bed
  • sonicphaze
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    Platform: (PC)
    Origin ID: Sonicphaze999
    Region: UK
    Postion(s) Played: LM/CM/RM/CAM/ST
    Overall: 85 atm
    Additional Info: Played fifa since 94 on snes. fifa 09 online +++. Veteran of the game who knows how to play. teamplayer with zero bs. if your a bunch of kids trying ronaldo flicks do not add my origin, thanks.
  • Platform: PS4

    PSN: Uggas415

    Region: France, Europe

    Postion(s) Played: CAM, CM (although prefer CAM)

    Overall: 81

    Club Type Desired: Looking for a serious and active club in a high division as I am a DIV 1 player. Willing to aim to grab that DIV 1 title!
    Additional Info: My overall last year (fifa 18) went up to 90 CAM. I am good at handling pressure, can perform good long shots etc.
  • Platform: (/Xbox One)
    Gamertag:- BlazingMVP
    Region:- UK
    Postion(s) midfield (cm or cam prefered) although can play any mid
    Overall: played pro clubs for a couple years but played fifa even longer
    Club Type, casual or competitive
    Additional Info:- on during the day and most nights
    havent got a mic at moment but know how to play and mature adult so no problem and i pass the ball
  • Platform: PS4
    PSN ID: Syklone6116
    Region: UK
    Postion(s) Played: CAM; LCM
    Overall: 81
    Club Type Desired: Serious/Casual
    Additional Info: Can usually play in the evenings. Happy to start in any division. Team Player - Enjoy Creative, Possesion play.
  • Platform: PS4
    PSN ID: PostalPeeete
    Region: NA East
    Postion(s) Played: ST, LF
    Overall: 80
    Club Type Desired: Serious/Casual
    Additional Info: Can usually play in the evenings. Happy to play regardless of rank and division. Really looking for a good group of guys to play with especially after work and what not. I play to win but am looking to relax. English with a Mic
    Also note that I can play generally anywhere through mid but this is where I prefer but idk
  • Platform: ps4
    Origin ID/Gamertag/PSN ID: iMp_IV4N
    Region: West Coast North America
    Postion(s) Played: LM, RM, CAM, ST
    Overall: 83
    Club Type Desired: Fun Or Serious
    Additional Info: English and anytime
  • Titan_Defender
    20 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Platform: PS4
    PSN: Titan_Defender
    Region: Eastern USA
    Positions played: St, Cam, CDM, RB
    Overall: 86
    Club Type Desired: Serious plays everyday
    Additional Info: will always play the extra pass and goes for assists more than goals but will score if needed for the team and I also use a Headset
  • Platform: PC
    Origin ID: OsurgacliOtturgc
    Region: TR
    Postion(s) Played: SNT - SLK - SĞK
    Overall: 80
    Club Type Desired: Just for fun
    Additional Info: A few matches per day / My language selection is Turkish.
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