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Welcome to the new FIFA 19 Competitive Clubs Section

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Welcome to the new FIFA 19 Competitive Clubs Section.

We've made this new section as a place where you can all discuss your clubs, arrange friendlies and compete in tournaments against each other.

If you've got a forum team then make a thread in here. Make sure to include a list of all the titles you've won so we can see which forum club really is the best. Including your platform ([XBOX]/[PS4][PC]) in the thread title is also a useful idea.

If you're interested in playing another team in a friendly then head over to the friendlies thread and see who wants to play.

If anyone wants to host a tournament on the forums then this is the place. Just make sure you stick to the forum rules and please don't just post links to tournaments on other websites.

If you've got any questions then send @Alastair or @Pieman25 a PM. :)
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