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This method relies on lazy buyers seeing your card and clicking buy now. PLEASE be aware for this to happen you MUST relist often and stock a good variety of cards.
Step 1 - Finding a desirable card
The first thing to do is create a shortlist of players you wish to work with. I find the EASIEST way to do this is use a site such as FUTHead/Futbin and search for popular players. These will usually be people with high pace, good leagues and good links. The more popular the player, the more potential buyers.
Step 2 - Buy the player
The good thing about this method is you don't need to wait around hours for a good deal. Simply buy the player you want at the lowest current BIN. There has been some debate over the years on what the "correct" amount of a card is. Some people will buy 100 separate players and others will buy 10 cards of 10 different players. The truth is find what works best for you.
If you have plenty of time on your hands I believe going for 100 different cards is the way to go. If you have less time go for less players as it will be quicker to restock.
I personally go for a max of 5 cards per player depending on how well they sell. Some players I will only ever have 1 card of.
Step 3 - Relist player at a higher price than you paid
It really is as easy as that. I always double the buy price of each player I'm using, up to about 10k (ie if I buy someone for 2k I will usually look to sell for 4k). Some people are more/less ambitious with margin but again, use trial and error to figure out what is best for you.

This method is in my opinion the EASIEST way to make coins on Fifa. I enjoy using it due to the fact I can put in as much effort as I want and still get a steady return and not have to follow market trends. It works all year long but is best at peak times due to having a larger amount of users looking for players.

Last year's thread for any newcomers.

Excel sheets to track profits/sales. PLEASE SAVE THESE AS YOUR OWN!
Credit to @SocratesMe

Alternative sheet

Please immediately do the following to save your own version.
File -> Make a copy

Date: uses US dates | MM/DD/YYYY | for certain things to work you have to do this.
Profit = your NET profit. Purchase Price - Sale price - tax = Net Profit
Liquidity in TP = if you have the BIN column filled out, this will total your items and tell you if you sold everything at its lowest BIN what you have.
Column R will show you your total sold each day. You can drag the formulas down to keep it going.

Each Tab is for the other trading methods - but all built the same. I liked to compare profits when I was doing part of each so I could see where I did the best. For me its always been the NIF method.
Credit to @Absting159
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