Webapp early launch PC stream?

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I am thinking of doing my first ever Fifa stream :) I have to say I haven't seen any youtubers or streamers on PC, so this could be something different already.

My biggest skill is trading :) In Fifa 18 the highest coins I had was 9.5m, and in Fifa 17 I hit around 17m at one point. And all of that profits from spending ZERO dollars on the game, everything was used from my loyalty packs and trading/trading/trading. Starting early on the Web App is a big boost, so I thought this year I would like to share my trading experience with you....if there would be an audience for it.

I am a little different in that I dont like to hear the sound of my own voice, so this could be something refreshing, or could be a total FAILURE :) lets just say it would be very "raw"

Let me know what you think
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