FIFA 18 - Ups and down of patches

I usually buy PES every year, but last year swithed to FIFA, despite all the hype and reviews 'best Pes ever' (which it gets every year, even during the widely accepted terrible ones on PS3) it seems to get worse every year. So I'm no fifa expert but this is my findings.

FIFA has been alright, I didnt regret it, I think its more realistic, you can play more realistic football, the AI is better, and theres more freedom and control, sometimes anyway. The patches have been so up and down. One makes it better, the next makes it worse, and repeat all year.

I think it started off ok, possibly the demo, then they made it worse, then better, then worse, then better.

Currently, the patch about a month or 3 weeks or so ago, its on a made it worse one patch, is that to force you to get FIFA 19? I was going to get it anyway, but at least I could have enjoyed this game till the end. Now for the past month Ive been counting the days till I can switch.

But things that this latest patch made worse,
Player selection, sometimes its been pretty good, but this patch its at its worse,
Ignoring input, at its worse, many times since this patch I pass in a direction, it completely ignores it, watching replays with the arrows (which is handy) theres been times when the game has changed my pass input by more than 150 degress, the arrow points one way the ball goes the other. This didnt happen before the patch. So unpredidable input not reflecting output. Not a problem before patch.

It seems like the last patch sped it up a little, feels like you are more forced to play more faster ping pong.
It seems playing the AI its possibly cheating more than it did. And many other things I thought has been better during the year. Strange goings on. Like a freekick for absolutely nothing, the game just stopped in the middle of the park, I replayed searching the whole pitch and not a single player was contacting anyone. Just a pure random freekick. Weird animations, players being hacked on the deck, then suddenly and instantly raising bolt upright.

If this patch was how it started, I would have regreted buying FIFA and switched straight back to Pes.

Why do they do this? Why would they need to tweak gameplay a month before the game is over, and why to make it much worse?

I hope 19s not the same.
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