Road to EAuropa League

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As you can imagine, FIFA is one of the most popular games in the office and we often set up leagues and tournaments throughout the year.

This time around we have the EAuropa League (I know, I know) - a league of 24 participants, including me!

We've set it out so that we all have to play each other once and everyone has to have a different team from Europe.

This is where you come in - I need you to help pick my team, and once the league kicks off I'll update my progress on here so you can mock me for the losses, and.....mock me for the wins too!

Because I came 2nd in the last league I've been put in with the other top 6 seeds and we all get the last 6 spots. Unfortunately I'm picking 23rd out of 24 so there's a lot of teams already gone.

Below is a list of the teams that have already been picked (in order of picks), who do you think is the next best option that I should use to conquer the Road to EAuropa League Champion?

1. Manchester City
2. Paris Saint Germain
3. Juventus
4. Fiorentina
5. Liverpool
6. Bayern München
7. Barcelona
8. Real Madrid
9. Atletico Madrid
10. Chelsea
11. Manchester United
12. Tottenham Hotspur
13. Arsenal
14. Inter Milan
15. Roma
16. Ajax
17. Napoli
18. Dortmund
19. Valencia
20. RB Leipzig
21. SL Benfica
22. Porto
23. ??????????????
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