Is Timed Finishing mandatory online?



  • Tboon
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    It’s not like it’s not there because you don’t see it. On/off it doesn’t matter because it’s still there “under the hood”.

    This! Or can you put it off somewhere else?
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    Theres absolutely no reason to turn it off. Why would you give yourself less options to score than your opponent has?

    Exactly. Especially as a late timed shot is the same as a normal shot.

    Is that true ? not had time to play the demo but in the beta if you messed up the timed shot it would either slice wide or bobble to the keeper a 2 miles an hour. which was the reason pros were saying they would turn it off, it was perfectly easy enough to score without it.

    Yup. If you're too early the ball will probably be hit into the floor. Late is like a normal shot and great/perfect is where you get the benefits.
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