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I am at the point now where I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hate this game. I love the idea of having all the licenses strips real players names etc but that’s where the cool stuff ends.

I watched a YouTube vid of a developer talking about it’s all about the gameplay so I just want to share my gameplay.

My last ever game of Fifa I dominated but of course in the 45th minute of the half directly from kick off they get their first shot off and score. 2nd half all of a sudden my players won’t even respond to what I’m pressing which I am 100% positive that ea have embedded this type of programming in the gameplay for what reason, I do not know but for my players to respond completely different straight after my goal for the rest of the game is not realistic.

Through on goal with 95 Harry Kane ray goal just pass it by the keeper. Press the button 3 times or so and instead of shooting decides to take 2 more touches into the goal keeper.
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