Fifa pointssss

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How many fifa points are u spending day 1???


  • tommygravesen
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  • Jonboyparker
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    But using early access and ea access to grind, grind, grind!
  • Andyomazing
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    Man seriously none. I lasted until TOTS on 18 and regretted caving.

    With my lack of time & experience to trade. I felt like I constantly fell behind every opponent. But it was the most enjoyable Fifa yet. As I felt I earned my wins & the grind building up a team slower was shockingly the most enjoyable part. I owned Messi, Ronaldo, Guilit & Vieira by Feb. Small investments around the league SBCs. I barely raged at all when I lost I had the excuse that I wasn’t paying to win & I wasn’t getting angry at the game. It’s a different experience that I wish more could try at least one Fifa.
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