Pack pulled duplicate storage

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Would it be possible to create a new category to send your pack pull players to - "Duplicate first owner storage" or something like that.
At the moment you can either send the player to club, send the player to transfer list, or quicksell.

For some reason there seem to be certain players I pack loads eg Harit, Mitroglu... I don't necessarily want to quick sell them because they could be useful in sbc or some time in future. I don't necessarily want to transfer list them either because they might not be worth listing nor taking up space on the transfer list.

Having somewhere to store your pack pulled duplicates would be useful.

Obviously, if you've bought a duplicate then you don't have this option otherwise people would just stockpile rare players they can buy from transfer market.

I feel penalised when I pack someone I already have as most of the time I have no immediate use for them.

This kind of storage was in world cup mode, would be a good addition to main ultimate team. Is it possible or likely to be implemented?
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