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Xbox Controller Firmware?

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Just seen a tweet from one of the battlefield devs regarding input delay if using an Xbox One controller in the current BF beta. He says if you are experiencing this then make sure you update the controller's firmware (can be done via xbox or via windows) and it should resolve it. As we know there is always an input lag when playing FIFA on PC (least there is for me, always thought it was just down to network scenarios), so just wondering if anyone had done this and if it made a difference . These are the instructions taken from the Microsoft website for updating via PC, not tried it myself yet but will do later this week:

Get the app from Microsoft Windows 10 by searching for "Xbox Accessories."
Launch the Xbox Accessories app.
Connect your Xbox One Wireless Controller by using a USB cable or the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.
Note You'll be prompted to update to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition if you haven't yet done so.
When the controller is connected, you'll see the message Update Required if an update is mandatory. Install the update.
Note You can also go to Device Info to check for an update.

The Xbox Accessories app is available only on Windows 10.
Controllers that don't have a built-in 3.5-mm audio port must be updated using a USB connection and must have the Windows 10 TH2 Update (or later).
Updating the controller over Bluetooth is not supported.
Bluetooth requires a PC running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. See Windows Update: FAQ to learn how to get the latest Windows update.

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