FIFA 19 Online Career Mode

I am starting an online career mode for anyone who wants to join that plays on xbox or PS4
There will be a league full of real life teams which will be managed and played by you guys. It will be real life leagues or super leagues depending on how many people join. You will get drafted a club from a country of your choice unless the league in the country of your choice is full, the quicker you join the higher your chance of getting a good club. Once you have been given a club you will be able to make transfers and join pre season tournaments. Each team will start off with a transfer budget, the better the club the higher the budget. Pre season tournaments will be able to give you more money depending on how far you go.
I am looking for about 122 players if i want it to be irl leagues
Those leagues are Premier League, La liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, EFL Championship
I can add more leagues if more people are interested. I will start this whole thing around 1 week after fifa 19 releases unless this is very successful which means I could start it a couple of days after
If you want to join you can email me at [email protected] or just coment on this and we can discuss you joining, thanks


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