XBOX ONE | VFA Competitive Team Looking For All Positions

We are VFA Partick Thistle, we play in the VFA Midnight Gaming League on the VFA Website.

We are going through a complete rebuild after a really bad first season. We are aiming for better this season, as the league currently only has 1 league we are aiming for top 4 and a deep cup run. If you are a player that can take critisim, has a mic, and can play solidly in your chosen position then we are looking at you,

We play Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm onwards UTC League games are from 12am UTC.

We have ties to various other teams in diferent leagues, VFA, VFL which you could possibly also be apart of if you are good enough.

We are looking for players who can communicate, play tactical football and are willing to play as a team and improve.

Add Beer Huntor on XBOX if your interested.


  • Hello. Are you still looking for players to join? Looking for a team that plays as a team. I'm tired of watching individually skilled players show off their skills and get the ball taken away. Proves nothing
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