Are they trying to make the game slower?

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We have been seeing a lot of reduced paces. If this means they are trying to slow things down...hell yes I'm all aboard the change train.

Hopefully this will make players like Kross actually usable.. Lets hope.


  • hayhor1
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    If most players pace is reduced it's all relative and will basically feel the same. All they did was leave more room for pace upgrades.
  • OZero
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    Douglas Costa 95 pace.
  • Benja190782
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    I hope it means players like Kroos, Eriksen etc. will shine more.
    Football is not all about pace - FIFA has always been.

    I also hope those days are gone.

    Physics should matter just as much as pace.
  • FlyingOkapis
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    Beta wasnt reliant on pace, obviously pace is still a killer on the wings and certain strikers etc but centre of the park I found high passing, control, touch etc was key.

    CB's who were actually good was important too, high rated CB's were a lot better than your standard pacey CB's.

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