**** Damn FIFA

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I'm playing seasons online using Real Madrid.
When I change from Balanced to All Out Attack, all the defenders try to attack and they don't come back to defend.
When it's Balance, they still don't come back.
Even when it's Park The Bus, they still don't come back.
This is the reason of most of my loses.
**** Damn FIFA for this kind.

I don't care if you ban me from playing.


  • WarrenBarton
    7322 posts Big Money Move
    You can’t get banned from Fifa for swearing on the forums.
    Also, would you not already be losing if you are going all out attack? Seems like a drastic tactic if not
  • Inna
    2 posts Ball Boy
    What if I play Park The Bus all the time?
    That does not matter. The defenders do not come back
  • bgreen
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    Apparently not because what I see is people actually go all out and magically return to park the bus which is a joke. I should be able to easily exploit a team that's all out attacking by CA but that's not the case.. it's a damm shame when you can dominate a player and he scores with 3 passes lmao EA your game is trash and a joke.. Pes is up yall **** so it won't be long before this atrocity is ridden of
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